By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Light Middleweight prospect Zach Cooper speaks to a few days before his fight this up-coming saturday about what he is up to, and how he is feeling. Check it out as he talks about his training, his thoughts and much much more.

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SA: Hey Zach, thanks for talking to us so close to your fight this coming Saturday, what are you up to a week before your fight?

ZC: The week before my fight I'm kicking it up a couple notches before we relax and go light on thursday, just to stay finely tuned.

SA: How do you feel training has gone for you up till now?

ZC: This has been a great training camp I'm working very hard and since Floyd's in camp I'm getting a chance to watch the best ever do it and take notes. I mean camp sucks in the sense that I'm going extremely hard but like Ali said suffer now and be the champ forever.

SA: Sometimes boxers are scheduled to fight but won’t know until a few days or actually the day before the fight who they will face. In this case this boxer is you. How do you keep your focus not knowing who you are fighting?

ZC: Man it's tough because you feel like your in Limbo, hoping and wishing someone steps up. Also you have to worry about is this the right fight? They may find an Olympic alternate, so it comes down to faith in your team and I have an amazing team in Halquist, Rick Glazier, and Jeff and they are looking for my best interest so staying focused isn't that hard.

SA: How does training with Jeff Mayweather help improve your career?

ZC: Training with Jeff Mayweather has been the best thing ever for me. He's improved me in every aspect of the game especially defense I believe Jeff deserves a trainer of the year award for not just the work that he does with Boxers but how he's crossed over to UFC and improved a lot of their striking. I believe top their fighters that are good but lack defense like Andre Berto and other fighters would benefit greatly from a Jeff Mayweather.

SA: Can you give us an idea of what a typical day will look like for you during this week?

ZC: A typical day is wake up, eat at about 6am watch some TV eat again at like 8am or 9am rest until I hit the gym at 12 stay in there for about 2.5 hrs or until my body can't train anymore. Come home grab a snack, run come home eat dinner lights out by 11pm very strict. I put myself on a curfew during camp.

SA: What is your plan for Saturday leading up to your fight? 

ZC: For the most part I chill, meditate I go to a movie or two, I watch tape of my opponent and play the fight over and over in my head until I feel ready.

SA: Do you get nervous before a fight or does it all just come naturally to you?

ZC: Every fighter get nervous it's normal it means your ready to fight if your not nervous you are a psycho...(laughs)

SA: How would you describe your boxing style?

ZC: It's different because I take something from every fighter and I use it in order to perfect my craft from Ali to Sugar Ray to Floyd to Juan Manuel Marquez to Manny Pacquaio to Brandon Rios to James Tony Bernard Hopkins and Andre Ward and Dirrell.

SA: What thoughts are running through your mind minutes before a fight?

ZC: This is why we are here he didn't train like you, he don't want this as bad as you, he's nervous to I can see it in him, remember what you worked on good offense great defense. If you hurt him, finish him. I look at the canvas and see the blood - I say I'm home, this is normal, I block out the crowd. I can't hear anything but my own breathe until the bell sounds.

SA: What do you feel that you are taking into the ring that will see you come out with the victory? What can the fans expect to see from you?

ZC: I take to the ring all my hard work from camp the people I got to feed. My will and my hunger and my abilities. Fans can expect to see a great show I train to be the best fighter on the card, no one knows what I've been through so I don't ever want to go back.

SA: Is there anything that you would like to add, do any shout outs or a message to your fans?

ZC: S/o to Halquist Promotions, the Money Team, Azad Watches, Jersey Pump, Future Legend, Team Zipemup, Hometeam, ZooKrew...

SA: We wish you the best of luck on Saturday, make sure to come back and talk to us after the fight.

ZC: Thank you anytime