By Sylvana Ambrosanio


I had the pleasure and sat down with Tyson Fury back in Jan'13. If you have always wondered what Tyson is like outside the ring, and want to learn more about Tyson check this interview out!

SA: How are things going, any news on your fight?

TF: I'm good thanks. Just back with Peter in Belgium last Friday to make our start today on Monday. All going great here, I’m glad to be back in camp. My next fight will be sometime late march, in the USA no venue or opponent as yet. 

SA: You have many fans not only in Europe but all over the world. I know you have trained at the legendary KRONK GYM in America. What was your relationship to Emanuel Steward?

TF: I first met Emanuel Steward under strange circumstances. I just decided one day to fly out on a days notice to Detroit. I had never spoke to him before. No arrangements. When I arrived at airport I asked the taxi driver to take me Kronk gym. He took me to the old one that was no longer there, after some enquiry I found their gym. When I walked in there was not one white guy around. Then this guy came to me who was Sugar Hill, Emanuel's nephew. I said I came from UK to see Emanuel, he then rang him and before I knew it I was sitting in his house having dinner. He was so welcoming & a nice man. He gave me his house to stay also a mobile phone and I stayed with him 6 weeks and fought Zac Page out there. 

SA: How has the American experience helped you for your career and where do you want to set your focuses to fight at?

TF: I like America and the people there know their Boxing. I would say all experiences help a young fighter coming through the ranks. Now that I'm more well known it’s a good choose for me to have my next fight in the states. Especially when I could be fighting Arreola or Stiverne. It's good for me to go over and fight their fighters. Also Germany or where ever as I want to show the world I will fight the best even in their own country. 

SA: Do you think there is a difference between boxing as well as training overseas?

TF: Yes it helps training and fighting abroad. Always good to be out of your comfort zone!

SA: Talking about America, what do you think about their Heavyweights?

TF: I think the USA has for good fighters in the Heavyweight now many unbeaten prospects too. I will fight whoever first to get me the world title. 

SA: You also have been to Klitschko’s camp in Austria.

TF: We went to Stanglwirt after Emanuel invited me out there. The experience was great. I met Wladimir Klitschko and sparred a lot with Andy Lee also Ola Afolabi. I had a great time there with my cousin Hughie Fury who also is a boxer. I felt honored to know and be trained by Emanuel Steward. Truly a great kind man who will be sadly missed. 

SA: Since you have been around the Klitschko Brothers, who would you rather fight and why?

TF: The Klitschko brothers are exceptional fighters and achieved so much. But I feel it's my time as they've had theirs and this is a young man’s sport. Everyone has to come to an end. I'm not bothered which one I face as I believe I'm the best out there. 

SA: When you are in between fights do you stay in the gym or do you only train during training camp prior to an upcoming bout?

TF: Between fights I tick over but mainly rest as our camps are so hard. 

SA: What does a day in a Fury camp look like?

TF: Training with Peter my uncle. It's 3 times a day and the food down to rest sparring conditioning is all taken care of by Peter. He tells me what we’re doing and we get on with it. I've had 3 fights with him and he's totally transformed me into a world ranked fighter that no one else before could do. 3 times now he's told me to the pound what my weight will be on fight day, every time it's been spot on. He knows his stuff and Boxing's finest to detail. 

SA: You’re training with your Uncle Peter Fury for a while now. You are in great shape now and you are punching faster and harder than you ever have been, what are you doing now that you weren’t in the past?

TF: I'm now doing everything different than the past. Peter took me back to basics and built me up from their. My foot work balance. Everything. Amazing trainer, knows great deal re fight game. 

SA: What have you and your Trainer Peter Fury planned for near the future?

TF: We have planned for a world title this year. Possibly 3 to 4 fights this year I want to be busy. 

SA: Of all your 20-0-0 fights, what do you think was your finest performance, where you showed the best of Tyson Fury?

TF: Best performance Kevin Johnson. Dealt with world class fighter comfortable and controlled as you have to be at the top. 

SA: Other than your tremendous fighting spirit, what do you feel is your best asset, best skills and abilities?

TF: I'm an all round Boxer fighter. I have speed and movement. Not stiff like so many Heavyweights. 

SA: Who do you look up to in boxing?

TF: I look up to all the hall of fame old time fighters. Great warriors. 

SA: Who do you respect in the game and who do you trust?

TF: People I trust in Boxing will be Peter my uncle & trainer. 

SA: You have even offered to pay David Price to face you, if you promote the fight, £650,000. How far you think this fight will go?

TF: Price will be KO'd when we meet if he doesn’t get blasted out before hand. I don't rate him in the mix at all. He's day will come. 

SA: Also I am hearing Derek Chisora wants another crack at you, would you grant him that fight?

TF: I'm going for a world title Chisora - no chance beat him already.

SA: Fans wonder what a fight between you and David Haye would look like.

TF: Haye is too small I'd beat him no problem. I offered him fight last year. 

SA: What’s Tyson Fury like outside the ring?

TF: Tyson fury out of that ring is a nice guy to anyone who gives me respect. In that ring I will do whatever it takes to win!!!

SA: Do you have a message for all your fans?

TF: To all my fans. I won't let you down, I'm the next Heavyweight champion of the world and to stay champion for a long time!!