"Dont believe the hype!" - Tony Thompson

We have seen in recent hours a rumour circulating that the Tony Thompson vs. David Price rematch could be very close to being made and that a date even has been set of 6th July. SylvanaBoxing.com spoke to Tony Thompson tonight to find out how much truth was behind this.  

“I really don’t know where this rumour has started! I haven’t even seen a contract yet." Apparently, "there is NO truth in this rumour at all!"

So when we asked if he was aware, no rematch will be made between Tony Thompson and David Price as of right now.

Where is everyone hearing this at? Nope not at all, like I say, I haven’t seen a contract" so as far as he is aware, no fight is on. "Tell them you heard it from me, I haven't signed a thing, yes nothing has been signed by me" says Thompson

So it seems that this highly anticipated fight is, at the moment, nothing more than rumour and speculation! We will have to wait to see if it can be made in the future, but for now, it looks like it could be a while! "I’m not saying until I get some real offers on the table”. We heard it from Tony Thompson.

EDIT: Tony Thompson today, march 28th at 1pm german time: