By Mark Dormer

Prizefighter contender Sam Eggington talks all things boxing and what the future holds for this up and coming star.

MD: Hi Sam, thanks for talking to today, how are you?

SE: Fine, thanks for talking to me 

MD: Let’s start with how you first got into boxing. Was there someone or something that inspired you to enter the ring in the first place?

SE: It started years ago, my older brothers got into it so as the youngest I sort of  followed suit and it went from there.

MD: Can you tell us a little bit about your time in the amateurs, what you feel were your greatest achievements, your best performances etc..?

SE: My amateur boxing wasn't bad, I had 31 and lost 9 winning as a novice and clubs for young people national titles, my best performance I couldn't really say as I'm my own worst critic. 

MD: You turned pro after less than a year in the Senior ABA’s. What was it that made you know it was the right time to turn pro?

SE: I have this question alot, I just knew I didn't wonna be an amateur, I wasn't working as hard as I used to and I knew it was the right time for me. I was always told as an amateur that the pro game would suit me better and without a doubt I believe that and have grown as a boxer in the short time as being a pro.

MD:  Are there skills that work well in the amateurs but need fine tuning to suit the pro’s?

SE: The head movement and the quick hands has help and I think I have took them skills levels above what they were.

MD: You recently took part in the Prizefighter Series. How did you find this format of boxing?

SE: Yeah I was over the moon to be a late reserve for prizefighter! I just wish I had abit longer to train but I would  love to get a couple of fights on the night.

MD: We didn’t see you get past the quarter finals unfortunately, is there something that you feel you could have done differently that may have propelled you further into the tournament?

SE: I had a week’s notice for the tournament, I believe a good training camp and it would of suited me down to the ground 

MD: Would you take part in another Prizefighter given the opportunity?

SE: Without a doubt given the chance. 

MD: We’ve seen you say on Twitter that you may have a big fight just around the corner. Can you tell us anything about it yet?

SE: There ain't much I can say as its been put to the boxing board and until it cleared by them I can’t say much.

MD: What would you say are your best attributes, and how do you utilise them to your advantage in training and within the ring?

SE: It's hard to say because like I say I'm my own critic but I’ve been told I have a nice jab when I use it and I can bang with both hands so that's a bonus.

MD: What does a normal day look like to you during the final few weeks before a fight?

SE: I get up go for a long slow run, gym in the day, other than that, watching weight is probably the hardest bit.

MD: British boxing is really going through a renaissance at the moment. What would you say the reasons are for its popularity at present?

SE: The Olympics has to be the biggest and main reason I would say.

MD: We’ve found out about Sam Eggington inside the ring, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your life on the outside of it?

SE: Outside the ring I'm pretty laid back living with my girlfriend and my son who's nearly 2 so days out are pretty regular, and I think there a great reason to get up and train hard for.

MD: How do your family and close friends feel about you having a career in pro boxing? There must be mixed emotions I guess?

SE: Yeah I have good support from all my family they all get abit nervous but love to support me.

MD: What can we expect to see from you in 2013 then? Do you have anything in mind that you would like to have achieved by the year end?

SE: Like I said I have a big fight in the pipe line if that pulls off and I win, I would be happy with the year.

MD: Is there anything that you would like to add to the interview or say to your huge army of fans?

SE: Just a thanks to the people that come and support me.

MD: Thanks for speaking to us Sam, good luck in your next fight and be sure to come back and talk to us after!

SE: Cheers Mark I will do!