"Yes, we are in talks, but that's all they are... talks!"
Tony Rivera says that all is not quite as certain that has been made out and talks to us about 50 Cents offer, plans for the future and why boxing has the internet to blame!

We’ve heard over the last few weeks how Rapper turned Boxing Promoter 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) had hoped to secure Trainer / Cut-man Tony Rivera to train his ever growing stable of fighters. But how much truth is actually in this story? SylvanaBoxing.com recently sat down with Tony to get the REAL inside scoop.

When asked about the recent rumours, Tony was quick to point out that nothing was set in stone and it was purely a thought at the minute Yes, we are in talks, but that's all they are... talks! Perhaps if things get ironed out, things will work out” adding “I have been talking about being part of his staff, I really don't want to train fighters anymore though, I just love being able to fly in a few days before the fight and handle the cuts

Whilst we were talking we wanted to find out if there were any fight nights coming up that Tony was particularly looking forward to “I’m heading to the Bradley vs. Ruslan Provodnikov fight this weekend, Top Rank is my favourite because they develop their fighters from the ground up, unlike other promoters, you know who they are,  vulture around  "stealing fighters"  there is some big names on this roster, we should have a blockbuster situation before the year is out!” before adding “Plus they have the best matchmaker in boxing... period, in Bruce Trampler,  this guy really knows boxing”

Tony has obviously had a long and distinguished career in the world of boxing spanning two and a half decades with jobs in many different areas of the sport. It only seemed natural to ask him what his opinion was of the boxing we see today to when he first started “I believe that the internet ruined boxing, how you ask? Well…… in the old days we would tell our fighters  that we had got them a fight on the so and so date, we would train and that was it.  Now the fighters want to know the name of their opponents so that they can go onto the internet and find out information, they'll say stuff like, he's too tall, he's a southpaw, he's undefeated,  he's got to many knockouts, etc. etc.  It happened to me with a very good fighter I had, I don't want to mention his name, it might be too embarrassing for him to find out!  I dropped him like a hot potato, I think he's still wondering why I stopped training him!   The manager’s job is to get the right fights for his fighter, the trainers job is to train his guy into the best possible shape, the fighters job is to shut up and FIGHT!  When you have  a fighter trying to do all of the above, he's not getting very far,  too many things on his mind.  His frame of mind should be at a 100%!! Half of the battle is done when the fighter has this type of mentality!”

It was a fantastic insight into the mind of such a legendary man that has seen many changes in the world of boxing, not to mention that he’s also received the WBC Legends of Boxing Museum award in 2008. We look forward to finding out what is around the corner for him very soon! For now though Tony, thanks and we’ll speak to you again very soon.