By Sylvana Ambrosanio


"My name is Ricardo 'Showstoppa' Wallers, stay tuned because you gonna see my face alot. I will be the next Heavyweight Champion", stated Ricardo. Check out what he had to share!

SA: Let's just start off with talking about who you are.

RW: My name is Ricardo "Showstoppa" Wallers. The next Heavyweight Champion of the world, as an amateur I racked an impressive record of approximately 85 wins and 15 loses. I was a 2xOlympic trials Bronze medalists, have won and place in many other tournaments.

SA: What made you become a boxer?

RW: I just always loved boxing and wanted to do it, I always was in sports as a kid, Basketball, Taekwondo, Swimming, football but I always wanted to box. I actually hid it from my mother for about a year, before I told her because she didn't want me to do it. So I didn’t tell her till I was ready for my first fight. I went in gym when I was like 8 and a guy by that name Cooper seen me hitting that bag and told me I should become a boxer. I went there but I never had a fight till I was 14 and went then to another gym.

SA: You are now 25 years young about to be 26 and will be turning pro next week.

RW: Yes, but what took me so long to turn pro were my dreams of being an Olympian. Life obstacles that seem to always keep me distracted from my goals did. I come from a middle class family. Had a great mother relationship but with my dad it wasn’t that great but it was there. I was on my own at the age of 17, living life on my own trying to find myself as a man. I was never taught from my dad how to be one. So I found love in women. Not knowing sub-consciously, I was trying to fill that void of my father’s love through women. At the age of 17 or 18 a girl that she was pregnant. So I dropped out of school in my last year which was a dumb decision might I add to get a Job to take care of him and found later out that he was not mine. I don’t regret it for one day. It was an obstacle for God to put me in a better place. During that time I was among the streets to go to the Olympics but my mind, was so on other things that I wasn’t. All I knew was to get out here and take care of myself. So that was all that was on my mind. I wish that I would have because then I would have a gold medal with a lot of money right now. I love God, animals, sports, family time.

SA: You will have your first pro bout September 21st. How do you prepare for such a start into a new era?

RW: You know I have been really tuning myself up for this being in the ring with some of today's top heavyweights and just working hard. I won't lie I was kinda unmotivated for a while, because nothing was really happening. I kinda mentally gave up but I love this so much I couldn’t give it up, though. I was born for this; I’m a fighter at spirit and heart so I had to make a few changes in my life to allow myself to be in a better living and training environment. I have been working hard, I lost 20 pounds just this month, I am now in a place where I can do nothing but eat, sleep, and live boxing. So I feel a little more confident in what I do.

SA: What experience did you take from working with the champions?

RW: You know I got a lot of experience. Especially from Heavyweight Champion of the World Wladimir Klitschko and Eddie Chambers, those guys work extremely hard for heavyweights I have seen nothing like it. I definitely learned to be great you have to do what the other men won’t do and they definitely do. I also know that if I can get in there with them, these other guys will be light work. By the way another guy that works hard is Michael Hunter, I have taking hard work ethics from all these guys and used it to my advantage. I also learned that boxing is not a game, I won’t lie. I was told I was too good too early and it went to my head as I got older so I didn’t train as hard as I was supposed to. Not that I got beat up or nothing like that but it showed me talents and skills aren’t everything you need, what you need is a whole package full with condition, talent, hard work, ethic and so on.

SA: How would you describe your boxing style?

RW: I can do it all box, slug, and switch from orthodox to southpaw. I’m the sweet sauce to the apple sauce baby!  And look good doing it, but I like to box though I’m very, very fast for a heavyweight. I can mix it up. I came up sparring with light guys and watching great likes like Roy Jones who in my opinion talent wise was the best to ever do it, Sugar Shane, James Toney, and now Floyd Mayweather.

SA: What is your first boxing memory?

RW: For myself I remember like yesterday, a great man, by the name John Falcone I believe he was about 50 and I was about 15 hit me with a body shot and dropped me after that I never been dropped since and I also remember watching Roy Jones Jnr. versus David Telesco, I was so in love with that fight. Not that I was so blinded by how great Roy was but the indices of his levels. He showed greatness in that fight. He showed who the boss was; the he had speed and power, also proved that he can think and be calm at the same time it was an awesome fight. I also loved watching Sugar Shane Mosley and Oscar Del La Hoya Great fight as well.

SA: You were getting yourself into a lot of craziness but I wonder what was the reason for you to change your life and become a ‘good man’? 

RW: Well, honestly I always been a good dude I just put myself in bad situations you know. Being in places where I had to carry a gun in, beating up people for gang fights, shootouts. I honestly just sit back and thank God because if it wouldn’t have been for him. I would be in jail right now for murder or it would have never been found out and I would have just been walking around with that on my head. I have done anything that you can think of at one time in my life not because I’m a bad guy but, I found myself the wrong way.

SA: Do you have any advice to everyone out there who might be in the same shoes as you used to be?

RW: Father's : Father your children, so the world or other people, don't have to. A Boys first affirmation, should come from his father.

SA: Do you have a message for your supporters out there? 

RW: My name is Ricardo "Showstoppa" Wallers and stay tuned because you gonna see my face a lot, I will be the next Heavyweight Champion! Never forget to thank God for your many blessings! And a shout out to Falcone family in Cincinnati, thanks for everything you ever done for me.