By Sylvana Ambrosanio


With Tyson Fury’s American debut against Steve Cunningham only a matter of days away, wanted to catch up with his uncle and trainer Peter Fury to find out how preparations are going.

When asked if he was pleased with how Tyson’s camp had gone so far, Peter confirmed I'm very pleased with Tyson's progress on the whole. He has improved his skills and conditioning 100. You can expect to see big gains in his next fight coming up! Training’s been going great. We're on target and doing all we set out to do correctly.”

So all seems to be going well in camp. We then asked how Tyson has improved since his visit to the Klitschko’s camp? “Yes, to see how the Klitchko camp worked was nice. But no, it never helped improve his game, as he never really did much out there and never sparred Wladimir”

Wladimir’s brother Vitali must be a big target for Tyson in the future. So how important does Team Fury think it is that Tyson gets to meet Vitali in the ring before he retires? “Vitali is not that important to us. He's done everything in boxing and whoever is next we will look to fight that person.  But of course if he keeps fighting we would love the opportunity to fight Vitali!”

The Heavyweight division in the UK has historically not been the most exciting. But with some good boxers making their way through the rankings, does Peter think any of them could make it to the top? “UK Heavyweights? I'm not really sure who is coming up right now, but the current ones everyone speaks about are not going to make it as legitimate champions. Except Tyson of course!”

Tyson Fury has been criticized in the past for being a wreckless fighter rather than a skilled boxer. Does Peter think that the last two, maybe three fights for Tyson have silenced those critics? “Tyson is a totally different fighter than 2 years ago. I think he can shock the world. He's doing everything right and loves the sport and his routines. He works as hard as any top fighter in the world right now. He's arrived!”

We have all seen Peter’s other prodigy, Hughie Fury making his pro debut only a month or so back. We asked Peter if he was pleased with his son’s progress and what we can expect to see from him in the next few months. “Hughie, my son, is doing great and adapting really well to the pro ranks. I was happy with the Whittom win and it went as we thought. He will be having 2 fights a month hopefully. He's out again on Tysons undercard on the 20th April. You can expect to see Hugie having around 30 fights over the next 2 years hopefully”

When asked about what attributes Hughie has, Peter replied “This kid’s got it all and can seriously hold a shot. In all his amateur & pro sparring he's never been hurt, and he's had quality sparring on top levels as well. He has a big future!”

So how well does a family business work in the world of boxing? “Father/son/uncle relationship is great. We know each other’s thoughts without speaking. We’re a very close family and we think the world of each other. That's the best way to explain our relationship”

With two boxers obviously progressing well along their respective career paths, what is it that makes Peter’s style of training so effective? “Too many trainers these days work on too much conditioning and not skill work. Let’s not forget boxing is an art. That's why we split our sessions into 3. As the main part is 2 hours per day only on boxing & tech work. Also talking them through diff things and understanding what you’re aiming for etc.”

What is it that drives a man to succeed as a trainer and how do you get to that stage in the first place? “I've been involved with boxing from age 7 - going to clubs, being a sparring partner and had only couple of registered fights but much more on the streets. I’ve always been around fighting on every level. Whether its pride that’s  involved, money etc. seen many old videos of the past greats. Talked hours with stories of the past etc. and always had a passion for the fight game. We were brought up in fighting families going back a very long time. I'm in boxing right now to make my family great fighters & nothing else!” 

We can see that Team Fury is in very safe hands and the whole family has a very big future, with Tyson making his American debut in a big fight against Steve Cunningham this weekend and Hughie continuing along the long and winding path to success! Thanks for talking to us Peter.