By Sylvana Ambrosanio

In May, 2010 I sat down with Michael Guy from Sacramento, California. Guy made  his television debut on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights May 14, 2010.

SA: Mike, how about you just tell me a bit about yourself?

MG: I really don't have an extensive amateur boxing career but have always liked boxing and I knew that physically I had what it takes to be a boxer. I wasn't mentally ready to put in the time and dedication I needed for the sport. My amateur record is 19-5.  A couple of those losses I felt like I had won but I did learn that at times it just isn't enough to do your best sometimes you have to make the win so obvious and take the decision out of the judges hands. 

SA: Who is your inspiration?  

MG: My whole life I loved watching Mike Tyson and the films on Joe Frasier.  I particularly liked that they had that come forward aggressive style toward their opponents.  I try to mimic that style of fighter because of our similar physical characteristics.

SA: So do you see yourself like Mike Tyson because of the aggressiveness? 

MG: We have similarities, but I am different in how I do things in the ring it's unique to me and my style.  I am an aggressive fighter and I try to fight in a way that allows me to use my strongest assets to my advantage.

SA: With a record of 3-0 could you describe your boxing style?

MG: I would say I am a boxer puncher.  I can box from the outside when I need to and I can stay inside and just throw power punches if the fight calls for that.  I also have a lot of strength and power from different angles which is to my advantage regardless of what style I fight. 

SA: How did you get to work with Ray Woods?

MG: I had always heard about Ray because of his son Diego 'Chico' Corrales.  I got to meet and talk to Ray when I was an amateur and I got a chance to fight his other son Esteban. After the bout Ray told me that he could see I had some skills but they needed alot of work.  I stopped by the gym to workout and asked if he would train me and I've been here ever since training with Ray.  I have learned so much and my skills have increased by 100%

SA: You have a fight coming up on Friday Night Fights next week it's going to be your first televised bout and how is your training coming along?

MG: The training is going good it’s like another day at the office just like going to work.  I've got a good coach, and we are all on the same page with sparring and everything.  They are pointing out all the things I need to work on and they are painting a picture for me on what I need to be working on and what they want me to do and with Ray Woods he's going to make sure things are right so no worries there.

SA: What is your favorite part of training? 

MG: I like the mitts but my favorite part of training is sparring because you learn all of  this stuff and practice on the bag and mitts but you really don't know how and if it's going to work until you try it for yourself in sparring. That's when you get confirmation that what your coach is explaining and showing you really works.

SA: What do you know of your opponent?

MG: Nothing as of right now and it doesn't matter who the opponent is. I am going to do my job to the best of my ability and try to put on a good show for the people and hopefully they will like what they see and come back to support me. 

SA: What are you planning for the outcome of this fight? 

MG: I just go in and do what I've been working on in the gym.   I never go into a fight looking for a knock out or try to plan what's going to happen.  I just go in there and do what I do and hopefully get the result I want which is a win.   

SA: What do you and your trainer have planned for your future boxing career?

MG: The same as what everybody else wants a championship, to become financially stable and provide a better life for myself and my family.  But right now I have to focus on where I am and keep my eye on the future prize.

SA: If you had to chose a middle weight right now who would you chose to fight?

MG: I try to not to think too much about that I am not scared of anyone but I also have no plans to fight any big names right now.  I want to work my way up just like anyone else.  But if I had to choose right now, I would be willing to fight a tough guy like Chad Dawson and I think that would be a good fight for me.

SA: Do you have anything else you would like add to the interview?

MG: Just listen for my name Michael Guy or Mike the “Menace” and come out and support me if I'm in your town or area.  I am fighting out of the Golden state Bloodhounds Boxing Gym in Sacramento, California and will be on ESPN Friday Night Fights on May 14th in Primm, Nevada.  Keep an eye on me if you blink you will miss it.