By Dan Emicus



"My team has big plans for me. I will definitely be stepping up competition and perhaps will be fighting for a youth world title soon." Super Mian Hussain speaks to SylvanaBoxing's own Dan, check it out.


DE: How did you come to be a boxer?

MH: My father was a boxer and he got me and my brothers involved in boxing at a young age.

DE: What was your amateur record and what kind of accolades did you achieve?

MH: My record was 61-15. I won many Golden Gloves tournaments, represented Canada at the 2011 Pan American Games and won a bronze medal with a fractured wrist. I was the best boxer in Canada but because of politics, someone else went to the 2012 Olympics instead of me.

DE: Now that you're a professional boxer, what are your goals and expectations?

MH: My goal is to be a World Champion and be the best of my era.

DE: Now that you have been a pro for 10 months, do you feel that you have now fully made the transition from amateur to professional boxing?

MH: I never really fought as an amateur style boxer, so I didn't really have problem with the transition.

DE: You are now 6-0 and have just moved up to 6 rounders, so what do you feel is the next step for you with regards to your career progress? Will you be looking for more learning fights, or are you and your team already looking into stepping up in competition?

MH: My team has big plans for me. I will definitely be stepping up in competition and perhaps will be fighting for a youth world title soon.

DE: You are regarded by many as being amongst the most promising prospects on the Canadian scene, as well as one of the most exciting young fighters in the country. Why do you think people are already beginning to recognise your potential?

MH: I'm very thankful to people who are already beginning to recognise my potential at this early stage of my career. I think it might have something to do with the way I go for the knockout without getting hit in return.

DE: Are you enjoying developing as a fighter under the radar, or do you relish the day when you are the main event on cards and more people around the world are aware of you?

MH: I'm enjoying every moment of my journey that will lead me to the main events and to the world titles.

DE: For those who have not yet seen you fight, how would you describe your style?

MH: I'm a southpaw power puncher and a counter-puncher with fast hands. And I rarely get hit with a clear punch.

DE: Who are some of the best fighters you have ever sparred with, whether as an amateur, or in your short time as a professional?

MH: I have sparred with most of the top boxers in Canada. Superman Adonis, Alvarez, Bizier, David Lemieux, Maduma, Decarie, Schiller. I learned from them all but most of my learning came from my teammate Jean Dierry. I've been sparring with him since I was 17 years old and that's one of the reasons Jean doesn't have problems fighting with southpaws.

DE: What are your thoughts on your weight division, both domestically in Canada and beyond?

MH: My last 3 fights have been under 150 pounds, I will be fighting as a welterweight. It's an exciting division with a lot of talented fighters around the world. And I believe I'm already the best welterweight boxer in Canada.

DE: Who are some of your boxing idols from past and present?

MH: Muhammad Ali is a inspiration to all generations. Growing up, I also enjoyed watching Roy Jones, Mike Tyson and Naseem Hamed. In the present, I enjoy watching all the fights and of course Bernard Hopkins, who's making history every time he fights.

DE: A random fact about you that fans probably don't already know?

MH: I'm the only Pakistani origin professional boxer in North & South America.

DE: Final words?

MH: Big thanks to all my supporters and fans all around the world. You can all follow me on twitter at @Supermian1. Shout-out to my Eye Of The Tiger Management team and Camille Estephan, the best manager in the world.