By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Light Heavyweight contender Max Alexander Jr. who will be fighting against German Cruiserweight prospect Alexander Alekseev in Bremen, Germany 2009 sat down with

Max Alexander after his fight against Roy Jones in 2011.

SA: Your next fight will be may, 2nd in Germany against Alexander Alekseev. How are you doing?

MA: Training going great working hard I feel great. I'm going there to win this fight so if a knock out comes that's even better because they can't rob me. My goal is to become a fighter for Germany and always fight over there I want to be Germanys champ and always show them a great fight when I'm fighting.

SA: This is your first fight in Europe. What does this fight mean to you?

MA: This fight means a lot to me like every fight I want to thank the people for having me out here and hope they are ready to see me a lot more after this fight.

SA: Who would you like to fight next in the light heavyweight division?

MA: well to tell you the truth I'm ready to fight all the top people in that division or cruiserweight I'm ready for the best because I believe I am the best so any one with a big name in any of those division can get it. I work hard and I think it's Gods will for me to be champion of the world.

SA: What got you into boxing then?

MA: Well to tell you the truth I was in college in north jersey I went to Montclair university I wanted to b ball put did not like the team so I went to this gym and they had boxing there. I was always fighting in the streets so I really wanted to try it. So I was there and started working out I loved it so much that I just worked so hard to be the best and I never turned back.

SA: Who were your inspirations?

MA: Well Ali is one of the best to me Mayweather we all no has the goods when I see them fight it makes my blood start to get hot and I'm ready to train hard and fight.

SA: What is your best punch?

MA: well my best punch is all of them I love to use every punch to get my opponent out of there you never now what I will hit you with the kitchen sink may even come in there.

SA: What about your training?

MA: well I try to stay in the gym as much as I can when I don’t have a fight but I have to work like everyone else to make money. I love training I would stay in the gym until they kick me out if I could believe me. I love hard work the feeling when you body gives up and you make it go to the next level mind over matter. When you think you had enough then here comes more energy from no were that's because you been in the gym putting the work in.

SA: What is your first boxing memory?

MA: My first boxing memory is the first time a had a boxing fight just the feeling of getting my hands raped up I was so nervous but it was like this was what I had to do. I was like in a dream the way I felt putting my gloves on and walking to the ring. Even when the bell rang and the fight started it was just like I was in heaven it felt so right. Well that fight didn't last that long it was over in like 1 minute in the first round I knocked the guy out. But that was my place in life I found. When they held my hand up in the ring I was waiting to wake up and really have to go to the fight but the dream never ended. That was my first memory in boxing.

SA: What or who do you credit your success to?

MA: To my mom who brought me on to this earth and telling me you can do whatever you want to do max. To my wife who always stays on my back about 'you are not working hard enough' when I thought I just killed myself. When the fight is over every one tell me how good I looked and my wife looks at me and tells me 3 or 4 things I could have done better and to God without him I would not have the strength to do any thing

SA: Do you have anything you would like to tell boxing fans?

MA: Yes '09 is the year to watch out for Max Alexander, this is my year to make a big name for myself. Every time I fight you will see a great show so get your tickets!