By Sylvana Ambrosanio

 I caught up with featherweight prospect Mark 'Flash' Alexander before he returned to the ring in 2010.

SA: Mark, how about you tell us about yourself and the love to the sport of boxing?

 MA: For those who don't know me I got into boxing when I was 13 years old. I was always getting in fights at school and were ever I want so my Teacher at school who husband was a writer for boxing around the world told me to try out boxing so I did. It's was the best thing I ever did. It keep me of the streets and focused I started to win fights and titles box all over the world - it was fun.

SA: Who are your inspirations in the sport of boxing? 

MA: My inspirations in boxing are old school fighters Thomas Hearns, Larry Homes, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ray Robinson, Pernell Whitaker, Mark 2 Sharp Johnson, Michael Nunn, James Tony, Terry Norris, Roy Jones so much more I like skilled fighters. 

SA: You'll be fighting Ryan Barrett for the W.B.F title on september 11th in London. How is training going?

MA: My training coming a long fine just started training on different parts of my game now so it's all good. This Fight means everything to me I've been waiting for my chance and break for years now but politics is a hard thing to beat. I need this title like a vampire needs blood, wining this fight puts me on the map.

SA: What do you know of your opponent?

MA: Well Ryan Barrett like to keep it long box you from a long range a southpaw. I am just planning to win by any means points, k.o just what ever

SA: When you are in between fights do you stay in the gym or do you only train during training camp prior to an upcoming bout.  

MA: I'm always in the gym because I like to get my skills locked down so I'm always working on something.

SA: You got the chance to train with the legendary trainers Emanuel Steward; James Ali Bashir & Joey Gamache at the Kronk Gym in Detroit.

MA: Training with Emanuel Steward and all of the Kronk team James Ali Bashir, Joey Gamache was a whole different level when it comes to skills. In Europe they are good fighters, strong, train hard but it's a different level all together. Remember training with Emanuel a world class trainer takes you up extra 20% on your skill level so if you have skills it will make that much a lot better.

SA: What expierence did you get from your America stay?

MA: The Experience was super - I always knew I could dance with any top fighter and feel at home in America gyms. Me and Joey Gamache, Emanuel Steward, Sugar Hill and Bashir all got on well. I just liked to be trained full time by a world class trainer.

SA: With a record of 10-4 could you describe your boxing style? 

MA: My style is a Boxer puncher I like the knockout. But if I can't knock you out, I be happy to out box you. My best punch is my right hand but my conditioning trainer say it's my left hook. I'm a slick fighter but I can be aggressive if I need to be.

SA: What or who do you credit your success to?

MA: Credit my success to god myself and my Conditioning trainer he stuck by me through the hard times when he did not have to. I now have a trainer in England who cares about me which is good.

SA: What are your thoughts on Mayweather vs. Pacquiao?

MA: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao would be a very good fight with the slick boxer puncher vs. the hard aggressive puncher fighter.

SA: What do you have planned for your future boxing career?

MA: My future plans has to be win this title then come back to America. I'm now in talks with some people about maybe getting a sponsor. This is what I need right now; a sponsor to take me to the next level. 

SA: Do you have anything you would like to tell boxing fans?

MA: To my fans it's been a long hard road because I never had it easy like a lot of fighters have but I do have the skills talent and when I can get a chance to show my skills you will see why they call me the FLASH. You all can check me out on youtube type in "Mark Alexander Boxer".