By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Promoter Mariusz Kolodziej - Global Boxing

SA: I’m curious how did you get involved with boxing promotions?

MK: I was involved with boxing even before I started my own promotional company. Being a business owner, I used to sponsor various boxing events, including Tomasz Adamek’s fights at Prudential Center in Newark. Finally, in 2010 I decided to open my own boxing gym and shortly after, a promotional company (Global Boxing Promotions). I also opened the Global Boxing Foundation, which helps young talented amateur boxers from all over the world start their professional boxing careers here in America.

SA: What boxers have you worked with in the past of your boxing promoter career?

MK: Since 2011, I’ve co-promoted Mariusz Wach, who has recently fought for the world title against Wladimir Klitschko. At this moment I have four other fighters under my wings: Patrick Majewski (20-1, 13KO), Kamil Laszczyk (11-0, 6KO, WBO Youth super featherweight champion), Emanuel “Pinky” Colon (3-0, 3KO), Patryk Szymanski and Michal Chudecki. The last three are the newest additions to the team, they are very promising prospects.

SA: Any prospects we should keep an eye on?

MK: When it comes to young prospects, you should definitely keep an eye on Kamil “The Polish Beast” Laszczyk. He’s determined and if he keeps up the hard work, he will go far.
He’s undefeated with 12 wins and already holds the WBO Youth, and WBO Inter-Continental titles. As I mentioned before, Szymanski, Chudecki, and Colon are very talented fighters as well, and you will hear about them in the upcoming years.

SA: What can we expect in the near future from your fighters?

MK: Every one of my fighters is at a different place in their boxing careers and personal lives. They all want to become world champions in the future, and I’m here to help them get there. It will all happen in due time and it depends on how hard each of my fighters is willing to work. There is no rush for anything.

SA: Will you remain in Mariusz Wach corner? What has Team Wach planned next?

MK: Wach is signed with Global Boxing Promotions and, therefore, is a part of the team. When it comes to the plans for his future, we will have discuss that when Mariusz comes back to the U.S.

SA: What are your plans in general in the boxing world?

MK: I want to bring more international fighters to America through the Global Boxing Foundation. I'm currently focusing on my prospects and helping them achieve their goals. Hopefully they will make big achievements in the boxing world throughout the upcoming years.

SA: Boxing fans probably want to know if there will be any more amateur or professional boxing events taking place in 2013 are you actively planning?

MK: On April 13th we are hosting the New Jersey Golden Gloves Tournament, an annual amateur boxing competition. We are also going to co-promote several professional boxing events in the tri-state area, starting April 13th at Schuetzen Park, in NJ.

SA: What opinion would you share about the state of boxing, do you think it’s making a “comeback” and the fan base is growing again?

MK: I don't think MMA will ever replace boxing. Boxing is an art, the sweet science. It’s called fencing with the fists for a reason. It takes perfecting, which not many athletes can do. I do have to agree that boxing is not seeing as much great competition as it has in the past, but hopefully with time new promoters can come in and make that change in the boxing world.

SA: James Ali Bashir – one of boxing’s finest trainers in this era trains
some of your fighters. What is your relationship with him, how did you get involved with James Bashir?

MK: James Ali Bashir is a well known boxing figure and coach. We met a long time ago, but we started talking about him taking over Global Boxing's prospects when we met in Germany, during the Mariusz Wach - Vladimir Klitschko fight. Bashir is a professional man who has worked with elite champions, hopefully our relationship will continue to grow and we can do great things with the Global Boxing prospects.

SA: What do you and Bashir have planned for the future, do you plan on
working on certain things in the future? 

MK: Bashir is working with two of my prospects at the moment. He’s preparing them for their fights on March 15th, and I believe he’s doing a good job. I know that both Patryk Szymanski and Michal Chudecki like training with him. Hopefully it stays this way.

SA: What are your short-term as well as your long-term goals for Global

MK: Short term: I am taking things one day at a time, beginning with organizing the events at Global Boxing Gym. That is mainly what I am focusing on for the time being.

Long term: my plan is to make new champions while developing the Global Boxing Foundation to bring more international fighters to the U.S. I want to make some positive changes to the boxing world

SA: What do you feel makes a good promoter?

MK: A good promoter should be one who doesn’t need a fighter to make money. He/She should promote for the love of the sport and for the best interest of the fighter. A Good promoter knows the sport of boxing well and knows how to do things the right way, which is how I like to do things.

SA: Can you share a happy boxing memory?

MK: Every memory of my fighter winning a bout is a happy memory.

SA: What about some that are not so nice, any frustrations that you have experienced?

MK: I try to treat every bad, or frustrating experience as another lesson learned. I apply this rule not only to boxing, but to all other aspects of my life. There's no point in dwelling on bad memories. Being sure to learn from them and moving forward will help to build a better future.

SA: What qualities would you say make a great boxer? What things do you look in a boxer to promote him?

MK: A great boxer has the ability to think in the ring, as well as outside of the ring, while keeping in mind that everything you do in your private life affects what you do during your fights. I also have to see that a fighter fights with his heart, and knows exactly what he wants to do. He has to know what his goal’s are. Once I see of these qualities I will be able to help him grow and achieve great things as a boxer.