By Dan Emicus


"My goals by the end of the year would to move onto another title, such as the Southern Area title, possibly even the English title" Lee Markham speaks to SylvanaBoxing's own Dan Emicus and discuss his career, future, and much much more.

DE: Tell us about your amateur career?

LM: I had a good amateur career, winning 30 of my 43 contests and all as a senior. I never really had the amateur style, so I didn't win any titles. I did however mix it with some good lads who are now doing well as pros, such as the likes of John Ryder and Frank Buglioni! I would love to have boxed for England. That would be my one regret.

DE: After just two years a professional, you have picked up your first title and have made progress in the British rankings. Are you roughly where you hoped you would be after this amount of time?

LM: 2 years into being a professional, I'm quite happy with where I am in terms of progress. I've only had the one loss against Boulden, which I don't believe I lost (check it out on YouTube). I'm learning with every fight and progressing, but still very much a novice pro.

DE: How would you rate your performance last time out when you beat Harry Matthews? Positives and negatives?

LM: I was happy with my last performance against Harry Matthews as he is a tough fighter. I'd say the positives would be getting the 10 rounds in and boxing at a fast pace in the process. My defence was also pretty good. I never got caught with nothing major. As for a negative, looking back I definitely threw a lot of single punches. When I was putting twos and threes together, I was having a lot of success.

DE: How did it feel to get 10 rounds under your belt vs Matthews and how important is it for a prospect to get rounds at some point within the early stages of their careers?

LM: It felt good to get 10 rounds in the bank. Obviously I would have preferred the KO for my supporters, but I think me and Matthews gave the crowd value for money in a good toe-to-toe battle.

DE: You fight for the vacant British Masters title next against Jason Ball. What do you know about him and what type of fight are you expecting?

LM: My opponent needed to be changed as Jason Ball would have been boxing too soon for another title, so the BBBoC won't allow it. Maybe that fight can be rescheduled down the line. It would be another good learning fight for me. A tough, durable fighter who's been in there with some good lads.

DE: How's training going?

LM: Training is going well. I train all year round, so I'm very rarely not fit and it makes it a lot easier to get fight fit since I'm already in-shape when in camp.

DE: Which would you say has been your most challenging fight to date and why?

LM: I'd say my most challenging fight so far was Harry Mathews. Was the first time I went a long distance and I was in with a real tough, fit guy who came to win.

DE: Which fight so far do you feel represents your best overall performance?

LM: I think my best all-round performance so far was against Diego Burton as I showed good variety. I was boxing on the backfoot, coming forward, threw a good variety of punches and showed some power in the last round in particular. Getting the KO put the icing on the cake.

DE: What are your aims and hopes by the end of the year?

LM: My goals by the end of the year would to move onto another title, such as the Southern Area title, possibly even the English title, but I'll listen to my manager and promoter Steve Goodwin and take the right fights at the right time. He will know when I'm ready.

DE: How would you describe your style?

LM: To describe my style would be a strong, come forward pressure fighter. I like to please the crowd in a good scrap, but at the same time I can box well going backwards if I need to. I just haven't really had to show it much in my career yet.

DE: A funny moment from the gym off the top of your head?

LM: Funniest moment in the gym would be watching Stuart Pots fall off the running machine, or when Dominic Negus came up with the Banjo nickname. He says I look like the banjo player from the film "The Deliverance", which as you know is no compliment!

DE: Since it's on the verge of being scheduled, what are your thoughts on Billy Joe Saunders vs John Ryder?

LM: I'm looking forward to the Ryder-Saunders fight, two really good fighters. I think Saunders will probably win a close points victory, but wouldn't mind seeing Ryder win as he has earned his shot. I definitely think Ryder will test Saunders' chin if he lands cleanly.

DE: Any final words or shout-outs?

LE: I'd like to thank my team. Goodwin promotions, Lenny Butcher, Ian Wilson, Dominic Negus, my nutritionist @trainwise, @boxfituk, my sponsors Acorn Insurance and @ver2vodka, Martin Gowing, and for everyone's continued support.