By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Check out what Larry 'THE NATURAL' Ekundayo had to share with me after winning the Prizefighter knock-out series.


SA: Congratulations on winning the Light Middle tournament of the knock-out series ‘Prizefighter’. How did you prepare for such a huge start into a new era?
LE: Well as we all know Prize Fighter is a big and well known competition and I had to be 100% fit for the tournament. I worked and trained extremely hard with the help of the Hard knocks team Harry Andrews (my trainer), Spencer Fearon, Darren Hamilton and Terry Dixon

SA: You fought 3 acclaimed fighters in one night. Let’s talk about it
LE: I knew that having Craig McEwan as a first opponent was not going to be an easy fight, but I'm glad I had him first. I thought the first round was equal, the second round I was throwing more eye catching shots. In the third round I could sense he was tired so I took advantage of it and pressed forward. In the third round I used more aggressive tactics because I knew it was close.

SA: After fighting McEwan you beat a world ranked contender in only your 3rd fight.
How was it fighting someone who was naturally two divisions higher than you?

LE: I think it was an advantage for me as he had to move down weight where as I had to move up weight.

SA: In your 2nd fight you fought Kris Carslaw and out boxed him. What were your thoughts before you got into the ring with him, and after the fight?
LE: I didn’t really get to watch much of his first fight as I was in the changing room warming up. When I got into the ring with him I used my amateur experience to quickly read him in the first round. I was quite pleased with my performance as I felt that I was able to save enough energy for my final bout.

SA: In the final you fought Terry Carruthers(13-14-6) a more experiences man. You went into the fight wowed the crowd with your boxing skills.

LE: I managed to watch Terry's first and second fight so that gave me a clue what to expect from him. His first two fights were wars!  I then decided not to have a fight with him but box him instead. After the first round I noticed he was getting frustrated so I knew it a matter of time before he lost his cool and started to lounge in. In the third round he got frustrated even more and lost his composure, this made him square on and he was easier for me to catch.

SA: What did this tournament mean to you, did it open any doors for you?
LE: Winning this tournament means alot to me, and has given me the opportunity to showcase my talent in a bigger show. For example my next fight will be at the 'London's Finest' show on the 9th March at Wembley Arena. Hopefully this will lead to me having a title shot soon.


SA: You have about 125 amateur fights and winning 110 out of them and won plenty of titles. Tell us a bit about your amateur career.
What made you decide to finally turn pro?

LE: The reason why I have had so many amateur bouts is because I started boxing really young (when I was 12). At the age of 17 I qualified to box in the all African games in South Africa, but I didn’t make the bantam weight requirement when I got there. So I moved up to welter weight. I boxed as a welterweight in the commonwealth games and also some other international amateur events. I won the ABA 2006 and 2007 London Championships and got to the English quarter final. Due to immigration issues I was unable to turn pro earlier.

SA: Any news on your next fight?
LE: My next fight will on the 'Londons Finest' bill on the 9th March at Wembley Arena. I’m not sure who my next opponent is yet.

SA: What does your training camp look like and what is your favorite part?
LE: My training camp is going great and my favorite part is training and eating ha.

SA: You are currently one of the best boxing prospects. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

LE: Well… I’m just a guy who has come from humble beginnings, who has always dreamed of making it in the sport I love. I'm a father of three and I love spending time with my family and watching cartoons with my children.

SA: How would you describe your boxing style?

LE: I like to be an entertaining fighter; I miss the days when boxing used to be entertaining as well as technical.

SA: What goals have you and your team set for 2013?
LE: Firstly getting more rounds under my belt and hopefully some title shots this year.

SA: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

LE: Thank you very much for your continued support and we look forward to a bright future.