By Sylvana Ambrosanio


"Power, speed, elusiveness, my timing is going to be nasty! I’m bout to flat out hurt whoever gets in that ring with me. What makes me special? Is because I’m ME! I’m not going to go out there and try to fight like no other fighter. You’ll be able to find that out come May 11," stated Lance Williams in an exclusive one on one interview a few days before his fight May 11th.

SA: Lance, thanks for talking to today. How are you?

LW: Hi Sylvana, I’ve been great. Sorry for taking so long on a response, just been real busy with work and training and coaching. 

SA: You will be fighting May 11th. Is your opponent still TBA?

LW: Yeah its crazy, fight is just weeks away and I still don’t know who my opponent is. Crazy isn’t it but I’m ready!

SA: How do you deal with not knowing who you will fight?

LW: Train train train… It’s no different than the amateurs. Growing up I went to fights never knowing who I was going to fight.

SA: Do you like to study opponents?

LW: If I get the opportunity to. I’ll study them a lil bit. But I’d rather meet them in the ring.

SA: Let’s talk about the preparation for the fight…

LW: Training has been rough. I work 12 hr days roofing and doing construction, then go straight to the gym. I have no single part that is my favorite, I love boxing! I train at all hrs at any time of the day. If I have a day off of work I might be in the gym three times that day.

SA: Are there any fighters you look up to or inspire you?

LW: Ali went through a lot in his time. Tyson was the KO King, and Floyd Jr. is to me one the best to ever step in the ring. My favourite all time would be Sweet Pea Pernell Whitiker, and currently would be Floyd Mayweather.

SA: So in final week of a fight, can you talk us through what a normal day would look like in the life of Lance Williams?

LW: Train, my training doesn’t stop. It might not be as intense but it doesn’t stop, I will still be working. Once I was roofing a house until 3 and boxed at 6. I’m what you call a go getter! The day leading up to my fight will be nothing special, just relax, listen to lots of music and stay in a good mood. 

SA: Do you get nervous before a fight or does it all just come naturally to you?

LW: Everybody gets nervous, not that they are scared of the other man, but as I walk out the confidence sky rockets out the roof and as I get closer I get more and more confident and ready to do what I set out for.

SA: What thoughts are running through your mind minutes before a fight?

LW: I hope I don’t have to go bathroom while I’m in this ring! (laughs) No, I just picture my hand getting raised.

SA: What do you feel that you are taking into the ring that will see you come out with the victory?

LW: Power, speed, elusiveness, my timing is going to be nasty! I’m bout to flat out hurt whoever gets in that ring with me. What makes me special? Is because I’m ME! I’m not going to go out there and try to fight like no other fighter. So I really don’t know. Or something I just can’t release. You’ll be able to find that out come May 11.

SA: You turned pro in 2009 against Cody Larson, winning by way of KO in the first round...

LW: I can punch fast and hard with either hand. I turned pro because I was tired of getting medals and trophies.

SA: You are a 6 time Iowa Golden Gloves champion. Tell us about your amateur career?

LW: It was a championship match in the 2007 Golden Gloves that I did what was known as the matrix. I was boxing a younger cat named Johnny LePray and he was a little monster. But I dominated the fight and at one moment I was cornered and he threw 17 punches with me dodging them all and then coming up to knock him down.

SA: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you get involved with boxing?

LW: My brother. I was in the boxing gym since I was 5. 5 is when I first started being at the gym, 7 had my first fight and I won by TKO. 

SA: You have trained with Roger Mayweather. How has this help improve your career?  

LW: A lot but I’ve trained with lots of people so I can’t give him all the credit, although I would love to be out there in Vegas and part the MONEY TEAM!

SA: You are not just a boxer but a trainer. How did this come together?

LW: I just wanted to be able to give back to the kids, and I want to be the first successful fighter and coach all in one.

SA: We have spoken about your time inside the ring so far, but how about you tell us about your life on the outside of it?

LW: Outside of the ring and in the normal life of Lance Williams… Well, I’ve been through a lot in my life. I’ve been locked up numerous times, faced drug charges, and that has set me back a lot. But now with my head being clear these last few years I’ve made my focus on being round the kids and seeing that they don’t slip like I did and let them know that not only with boxing but that they can do anything they set there mind to. I’ve also just recently started my own Tree Service, chopping them all the way down, trimming them and also uprooting the tree. Also, I’m single Ladies and don’t have any kids but would love to start a family someday. My mom’s scalloped potatoes are my favorites, and far as music goes I’m an Hip Hop guy, and like comedies like the Friday series, old school movies like Class Act and House Party. Nowadays though Kevin Hart be having me rolling out the seat, so does Mike Epps.  

SA: How does your family feel about you having a career in the pro game?

LW: They love it. I’m the first professional anything in my family. My family support me the most, and my number 1 fans are my 4 nieces. 

SA: Do you have a favourite quote?

LW: “Live life like everyday is your last but strive hard to make your future better then your past”. 

SA: If you could write your own script what would the next 5 years look like and what are your plans for 2013?

LW: Me becoming a world Champion and also training a kid who makes the Olympic Team. Fight as much as possible. Also I will be going to the National Golden Gloves the day after my fight because I have 3 young gladiators who will be competing in it. Team Layem Down we on the rise. 

SA: Do you have a message for your fans, supporters and our readers?

LW: I would like to thank all my fans for the love and support through all the years I’ve been boxing. I promise to yall come May 11th we will be victorious. Shout out to my Muscatine Boxing Club Members for keeping me motivated and thanks to my sponsors G&S Construction, (TFG) Total Fight Game, Williams Investments. And special thanks to you Sylvana for giving me your time of the day for this interview.