By Sylvana Ambrosanio



“I was always a fan of the sport and I've always been a fighter so it's a perfect fit for me, plus it's a great way to expend all extra energy I seem to have. I guess boxing's my therapy. Honestly I just love fighting. I don't really care if I'm in a ring or in your kitchen, I just love the fact that you get to go in the ring and shoot it (fight) “- Shawn ‘KILLA’ Cameron who will be back in the ring at the end of September speaks to SylvanaBoxing. Check it out:


Foto by Suzan Classen

SA: Thanks for talking to SylvanaBoxing today. How are things? 

SC: No problem, thanks for having me. I'm doing good, just working hard and staying focused that’s about it.  

SA: First of all, let’s start with you introducing yourself. Where did you grow up? 

SC: "Killa" Shawn Cameron, a hardworking humble potty mouth, 6-0 (4) Junior Middleweight/Middleweight from Brooklyn NY, straight shooter. Jamaica and Brooklyn. I never really stayed in one ace too long though, I was always moving, and I was always really small with the biggest mouth which would normally get me into a lot of trouble but I really didn't care, that's just how it was.  

SA: What about your youth, have you ever been in trouble or were you a troublemaker? 

SC: Constantly! My family all thought I'd be locked up or dead by now. Shit I did too, I was always in some sort of trouble everywhere - school, in the neighborhood… you name it. I was just a constant fuck up (laughs)  

SA: Has boxing always been a passion for you or was it more of an escape and a way to release some energy?    

SC: Boxing basically fell into my lap. I was always a fan of the sport and I've always been a fighter so it's a perfect fit for me, plus it's a great way to expend all the extra energy I seem to have. I guess boxing's my therapy. Honestly I just love fighting, I don't really care if I'm in a ring or in your kitchen, I just love the fact that you get to go in the ring and shoot it (fight). 

SA: “Killa Cam” is your ring name, why don’t you tell us why you’re called that? 

SC: Well that name has always been with me, friends call me Killa or the rapper, so I figured I might as well use it for boxing. The only thing is I only use the "Killa" not “Killa Cam”. But I think it fits because when I'm in there I'm really trying to finish you.  

SA: How about you tell us about your amateur journey to now. Do you have any memories that stand out most?  

SC: :  I had a short but good amateur career. I just remember walking into Gleason's gym in December 07. A month later I was in the golden gloves. I was winning everything by K.O. but eventually lost in the semis. l won it the following year though. I think that was the highlight of my amateur career, fighting at Madison Square Garden and winning the NYC golden gloves.  

SA: Any particular situation you look back on with disgust? 

SC: There were a couple but I look at them as learning experiences now. The sport isn't perfect and sometimes these things happen so I try not to let bullshit get the better of me.  

SA: Let’s talk about your pro career. You turned pro in 2012 and won over Coy Lambert by KO in the 2nd round. How important was it for you to have such an excellent start and with a 6-0 record, how would you describe your boxing style? 

SC: It was very important to have a good start but I'm never pleased with my performance. I work really hard so I thought I should've stopped him in the first (laughs). I know it's not going to happen all the time but I expect to knock my opponent out every time. My boxing style is aggressive! Very aggressive but I'm always trying to add new things to my arsenal.

SA: Are there any pro boxers you are liken your style to? 

SC: A lot of people compare me to Lara, I just think I'm a little more rugged and aggressive. Not as refined. 

SA: What are your short and long term goals? 

SC: Simple, keep winning. Sooner or later they'll have no choice but to put me on the big stage.  

SA: Who is Shawn Cameron outside of the ring?  

SC: A very blunt straight to the point guy, but sometimes your typical NYC shit talker (laughs), but also very laid all depends on when you see me, I don't know if that makes any sense.  I enjoy traveling, I'm very outgoing, normally at a fight or something like that.  

SA: What do people not know about you?

SC: I'm an only child.  

SA: I understand you were in the military. How would you say has being in the military influenced you and how has boxing changed or influenced your life?

SC: yeah I'm happy and wouldn't trade my military experience for nothing, if it wasn't for the army I wouldn't be boxing. I think it gave me some structure and made me stronger, physically and mentally. I definitely got to give the military most of the credit for that. I thought I was a tough guy before but they broke me down and forced me to push myself past what I thought was my limit. 

SA: When will you be back in action? 

SC: The end of September right here in New York. Just expect to see me go out and decapitate my opponent.

SA: How important is mental preparation for you before a fight?

SC: Very! I think it's more important than physical. My approach is very militant. I treat it like it’s a life or death situation. 

SA: Do you feel that having 50/50 fights is more important than protecting that “0”?

SC: It all depends, a lot of times the promoter gives the fighters easy fights in the beginning so that they develop their skills for later. 

SA: What boxers do you think are UNDER and OVER-rated?

SC: I think GGG might be slightly over rated and here is why. GGG really hasn't fought anybody in the professional ranks yet, most of the stories about him are gym tales and what he did in the amateurs. Now you have to give the guy some credit but understand that boxing is a sport where you have to prove yourself. I'm not saying the guy isn’t good, but he's not the boogey man. 

SA: What legacy do you want to leave in boxing?

SC: Honestly I really don't care about a legacy. I do this shit because I want to and it's something I love doing. People spend too much time worrying about what others think of them, I work and fight hard...that's it. 

SA: Do you have a message to all of your future opponents that you may eventually face sometime in the ring?

Cam: I'm gonna fuckin KILL YOU!! (laughing) Nah no messages man. I'm just gonna go in there and fuck up whoever!  

SA: Do you have a message to your fans, supporters and our readers?

SC: I just want to thank everybody for their support. I will continue to work hard. I'm also a huge fan of the sport so if y'all ever wanna talk some boxing hit me on twitter @Killa_154