By Mark Dormer

MD: Hi Kerry, thanks for chatting to us, how are you today?

KH: I'm very well thank you

MD: Has boxing always been a passion of yours, how did you get into the sport and who was it that inspired you?

KH: Being from a town in the welsh valleys of Merthyr Tydfil, boxing has a rich history. I suppose this is an inspiration of its own, although a number of family members have boxed in the past. I have always been sports orientated, I started off aged 4 doing Karate before moving on to football and rugby. I would of loved to have put the welsh shirt on and run out on the rugby field but unfortunately I was too small. With football, well it was a case of having two left feet and being better with my hands!

MD: We’ve not seen you in the ring since facing Darren Barker back in December. When do you plan to return to the ring?

KH - Since the Barker fight I have been sidelined with a back injury which I picked up weeks before that fight, wearing my heart on my sleeves I choose to go ahead with the fight and made it worse, hence picking up a loss on my record. I wish I could turn back time but as the saying goes should of been safe rather than sorry.

MD: You put on a dazzling display against Grzegorz Proksa to claim the European Middleweight title back in early 2012. Do you see this as your finest display and if so, why?

KH: I do see it as my best display simply because I wasn't supposed to win. Some things aren't written in the script, and the matchmakers don't always get it right. Proksa was built up to be undestructable and in my head I wanted to break his heart and shock everyone. No-one is unbeatable, we're all born with the same tools.

MD: The following July, Proksa claimed the belt back, what do you feel he brought to the ring the second time to make the difference and do you feel you could have done anything differently?

KH: I'll be perfectly honest the second fight we knew he'd be coming with the determination to recapture his belt back. In all credit he did it, but it could have been so different again had there been a few alteration in my training. I'm not gonna go into it and I have no-one to blame but myself, best man wins on the night. 

MD: Are there any fights out there that you really fancy at the minute?

KH: After Barker we know it’s a case of rebuilding. My manager Steve Woods is one of the best in the business and he knows which direction to go. If I could pick my next fight I'd want a crack at the British Commonwealth title whoever holds it, or even Proksa III with a title involved.

MD: What do you feel is your best asset and why?

KH: Best assets are my fitness, determination and heart. I am so dedicated to my training and I think their qualities you have to be born with, you can teach a fighter a million things but you can’t give him a heart.

MD: What do you feel someone needs to become a successful boxer?

KH: Again if a fighter is born with a big heart who will go to the trenches, you can build off it. On the opposite, time will only show when it’s time to dig deep. And there is a match for every man around the corner.

MD: What would your normal regime be in training camp leading up to a fight?

KH: Training camp always involve a good diet, 6-8 litres of water a day to keep hydrated and balanced meals inbetween sessions. I train 6 sometimes 7 days a week most days twice or even 3 times. A lot of different sessions are implied, long runs, track sprints, bag work, weights, sparring.

MD: We all know the Kerry inside of the ring, tell us a little bit about yourself and your life outside of it?

KH: Always like to think of myself as a realist. I don't perceive myself better than anyone outside of the ring because of my achievements and always treat others how I would want to be, it doesn't cost to be nice. However it is not a weakness as some may portray.

MD: What are the main impacts that a career in boxing has on your life and how do your family feel about you fighting?

KH: I have boxed for over 18 years, and I have made a load of sacrifices in that time. The hardest thing being missing the birth of my daughter before the first Proksa fight. Its coming up to a year next week, time flies! My family have been very supportive over my fighting and a fighter needs that one less worry off their mind before a fight. 

MD: What do you hope to achieve in 2013 and where do you plan to be in 5 years time?

KH: I'm hoping to get a fight under my belt by the summer and hopefully move towards the British or Commonwealth title. But that's just me saying that I can't plan my own destiny, its been a roller coaster ride upto now. In 5 years time who knows, I have an idea where I will be. 

MD: Do you have anything you would like to say to your army of fans out there?

KH: I know there's a load of people who have supported me in my career through both good and bad times and I can thank them enough. I hope the support continues with me right to the end. 

MD: Thanks very much for talking to us today, hopefully we can catch back up in the near future to see how you’re doing?

KH: Anytime, take care