By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Kronk's own Cornelius 'K9' Bundrage talks to after his controversial fight with Ishe Smith and explains what he plans for the future. Get to know a whole different side from K9, a personal side that you may not know yet. "I will be back in the ring no later than June. I look forward to cleaning out the Jr. Middleweight Division. My loss is actually a win, because these chumps won't be scared to fight now. I can't wait to hear the bell ring, ding, ding. The dog is coming." don't miss what K9 has to share with you!

SA: How are you doing and what are you up to these days?

K9: Up here eating Pizza getting ready for this interview with you and just enjoying life. 

SA: First off, I'd like to talk to you about your last fight with Ishe Smith. What are your thoughts on it?   

K9: Mayweather had influence on the Judges. No way had I lost that fight at home, with the belt on the line, in a split decision. But that's boxing and life goes on, somebody else will pay. The fight was a split decision not because there was favoritism for me from being from Michigan. The IOWA judge scored the fight fairly; the Michigan judge didn't have me winning. The IOWA judge scored the fight for me, while the Michigan judge and Las Vegas Judge gave it to him.  For your information: Floyd is from Michigan and lives in Las Vegas – now put two and two together.

SA: After watching the fight - do you wish you would have done something different?

K9: Probably should have postponed the fight, because I injured my left arm in preparation leading up to the fight. I would have been more aggressive but the injury hindered me of doing that.

SA: Are they trying to write you off too early?  Also, do you believe that boxing is a fair sport? 

K9: I care less about what people think about me if it's negative. I haven't gone anywhere and ain’t going nowhere. Of course I don't believe boxing is fair, if it was I would still be Champ.

SA: After four separate setback losses, two IBF eliminators and a no contest how hard was it to keep the eye on the prize for your title fight with Cory Spinks?

K9: God 1st and my family, I'm a winner not a loser. That's what kept me focused - it was time to make history. 

SA: How special was it to bring a championship title back to Detroit considering it had been 26 years since Hearns did?

K9: It was special because few people thought I would accomplish anything in life.  I overcame all odds. God is Good.

SA: Are there any fights that stand out in your memory for either good or bad reasons?

K9: No, not really. After I fight I just move on and get ready for the next one. But I thank God for becoming a world champion and I'm just getting started.

SA: What do you think was your finest performance?

K9: Wow that's a hard one. The best is yet to come.

SA: How has boxing physically and mentally changed you over the years?

K9: It gave me discipline it was a tool to release anger. A platform to reach millions.  Boxing has been good for me and my family, I'm able to provide for my wife and two kids. I thank God I ended up with a career, and the best is yet to come. 

SA: Other than your tremendous fighting spirit, what do you feel are your best skills and abilities?  

K9: Too much information…(laughs) I'm cut up, like what up. Intimidation the fight hasn’t even started and I've already won.  

SA: You fought in Europe in the past, would you consider fighting overseas again?

K9: Yes, I love it in the UK. I probably would, they pay well and have great boxing fans. Who knows time will tell.

SA: If you could match up your own fight - who would you like to fight?

K9: Floyd Mayweather for disrespecting my wife.  

SA: Have you ever doubted that you would be able to achieve everything that you already have done?

K9:  Of course not. With God All Things Are Possible. I have faith and I believe, that there's nothing that I can't accomplish. I have a lot of things going on in and out of the ring, because life goes on.

SA: Your hunger for the sport is obviously still burning strong, where can you see yourself going next? 

K9: I will be back in the ring no later than June. I look forward to cleaning out the Jr. Middleweight Division. My loss is actually a win, because these chumps won't be scared to fight now. I can't wait to hear the bell ring, ding, ding. The dog is coming. 

SA: Let's get to know the Champion outside the ring. Tell me about the side that not everyone knows?

K9: Hilarious - I love to have fun. I love to see others happy. I try to reach the youth, it's so important that the young people have someone positive to look up too. That's one reason why God blessed me to be champion. To feed my family and to get the young people attention, I accomplished that. Now it's time to write a new chapter in my career. The Best is yet to come. What God uses me for next, I have no idea but I will be prepared. 

SA: You as a fighter obviously have to make a lot of sacrifices. How does your career affect your family and what do they feel about seeing you in the ring?

K9: My family is confident. Knowing that we put God first and train to go to war with skills and heart to back that up, they love it.  Shoot, they actually have more confidence than me…(laughs)

SA: Do you have a message to all your fans and supporters out there?

K9: Watch me make like a basketball and bounce right back. When I lost my first fight, kats was laughing at me.  Then I became World Champion, and was laughing at them.  It's not over for me, not by a long shot. The devil comes to steal and destroy but God get the Credit for my bounce back. Stay strong and keep it to moving. When one door closes another opens up.  

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SA: Thanks for taking the time out and talk to me.

K9: Thanks Sylvana for the interview. Jesus for Life.