By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Prospect Julius Jackson is son of Julian 'The Hawk' jackson, knowing as one of the hardest puncher in middleweight history. Get to know 'THE CHEF' in an exclusive one on one interview :

SA: How about you just start telling us about yourself?

JJ: Well I’m am a professional fighter working my way up the ranks! I’m also a certified culinarian! With a culinary arts degree, hence the name “The Chef”. I’m a 2008 Olympian and would say I’m a nice guy. I live in the beautiful St. Thomas us virgin islands.

SA: You are 14-0-0 with 10 knockouts. How would you describe your boxing style?

JJ: My boxing style is more of a boxing and moving style. I like to use my height and jab. But I’m also like a Mexican I love to fight toe to toe. Plus I've inherited a bit of my dad’s power, as you can see in my record.

SA: Are you a hard puncher like your Father?

JJ: I would say I got a little bit of hit punching power. My little brother got more of it though. His name is John Jackson. He’s also working his way of the Jr middle ranks! Time will tell though.

SA: What sort of influence has your father had on you?

JJ: He’s had a lot of influence on me. He never forced me to be in the ring but he taught us all he knew about the sport in and out the ring and to always remain humble not matter how far we go! He was a great champion in and out the ring. I plan to be the same way!

SA: Your brother John is also a professional boxer. Do you help each other out by training together?

JJ: Oh yes! Definitely from our amateur days we would go at it in the ring sparring. He also qualified for the Olympics before I did and I was like ok I got to qualify now and he came to Florida and trained with me to help me get ready for the final qualifiers. While I was in culinary school and we did. Now in the pro ranks we spar harder than ever, also with my cousin Samuel Rogers!

SA: What does your training consist of?

JJ: We train twice a day. Wake up at 4:30 am to run and every other morning we do weight training. Then in the afternoon we hit the gym and do the regulars like shadow boxing, bags, pads, jump rope, we spar three times a week. We also do crazy MMA work outs after training. That stuff they do in the insanity DVD series! I hate that stuff. Ha.

SA: What is your favorite part of training?

JJ: My favorite part of training is pads. I love learning new combinations and communicating with my coach.

SA: When is your next fight?

JJ: No concrete date yet but looking at mid February. I will most likely fight here in my home! St Thomas usvi! You all are invited to boxing in paradise!

SA: What goals have you set for 2013?

JJ: My goals for 2013 are to keep winning and to fight on HBO! To be in camp with Sergio Martinez again, which looks like it will happen for his April fight -also to fight for another title to put me in the top 20 in the world.

SA: Who are your favorite fighters and why?

JJ: My favorite fighters are Pacman because he has a big heart and is a true fighter but is also humble and Nonito Donair, who is also a great fighter but is also true to himself and respectable.

SA: What is your earliest boxing memory?

JJ: I went to one of my dad’s fights when I was like 7 maybe and he knocked the guy out early and Mike Tyson was the main event and my mom was pumped for this fight but then it ended in like 1 minute and she was mad.  

SA: What do you do outside of boxing?

JJ: I do alot! I’m a cook at the fat turtle restaurant. I work for #1 steam, a steam cleaning company. I’m a radio show host on radio one am 1000. I also do catering with a friend from church we do weddings private dinners est. I volunteer with an organization called young life. We go to a middle school every week and spend time with kids and play games and give the motivational talks using simple bible verses and my newest venture is modeling! I think that's it. :-)

SA: Anything else you would like to tell your supporters and the boxing community?

JJ: Thank you Sylvana for this opportunity to share some of my story with you and the readers. Boxing world just stay on the lookout for “THE CHEF!” I promise to always bring heart and skill and 100% in the ring and a little more out the ring! Feel free to hit me up on twitter @juliusthechef1 and on Facebook Julius.jackson1 and instagram @juliusthechef1 and yes I respond! Peace and love!