Kevin Johnson vs. Martin Rogan a possibility?


“It will be quick. The Rogan fight is going to be like a taxi ride for $2,50 because he is the driver and I’m the passenger. He will do exactly what I say. It will be quick. Go, slow down, stop and now lay down! He is the cab driver and getting an ass whooping!”, stated Kevin Johnson, who is currently in training camp.

When we talked to Rogan, he was also keen to get the fight on. We should know more in the coming days.

Meanwhile the Deontay Wilder fight is on ice. “I want to whoop Wilder’s ass first but he still didn’t make up his mind. He doesn’t want to fight me. He’s going to keep fighting babies because he is a baby and not ready for the big league.

Kevin Johnon is also looking even further ahead than that. “After getting him, I want Johnathon Banks or Seth Mitchell. I will knock them out within 5.” When we asked him about his thoughts on a Tyson Fury rematch, he mentioned that he would train differently this time, and hopefully get longer than two weeks to prepare.

Kingpin is determined to re-establish himself at world level in order to pave the way for another world title shot.