By Sylvana Ambrosanio

"He hits hard with bad intentions" Interview with Amateur Boxer Jake Henderson.

"Jake is an up and coming boxer from Bourne End. He is a great learner of the game and learns very quickly. I have had a move around with him on many occasions for speed and he is improving week in week out. Look out for a champion in the making BABY JAKE!” – Michael Sprott

SA: Jake, thanks for talking to How are you today?

JH: Not a problem. I’m very good thanks. I hope your doing well.

SA: Let’s start with a brief introduction of yourself?

JH: My name is Jake Henderson. I am from Bourne End in Buckinghamshire, England. I am 20 years old. I got into boxing at the age of 10 with many dreams of becoming a champion and making my name in history for something special.

SA: What got you into boxing? Was there something or someone that inspired you to enter the ring or was it something that just happened by luck?

JH: At the age of 7 to 13 I was bullied physically and mentally. Because of this, I had enough and wanted to be able to handle myself in any situation that confronted me. By this I mean to “man up”. This was the first reason why I took too boxing. My second reason was because I wanted to chase my dreams and prove to myself and to my family, that if I have something in my head and I want it bad enough, that I can make it happen. It’s true what they say, "dreams do come true".

SA: What is it about the sport of boxing that you love so much?

JH: I like the discipline and control that boxing offers. I love training hard and being put through extremely hard challenges knowing that this is something only "fighters" could under go. The amount of dedication that is needed to be a true fighter is amazing and the best feeling after going through all the physical drama and pain is relaxing at the spa and looking back at what you have just achieved.

SA: How would you describe your boxing style?

JH: I would describe myself to be unpredictable and explosive, with a lot of power.

SA: What is your inspiration and motivation?

JH: What motivates me the most, is going to sleep thinking about being a champion and then waking up the next day with the same thoughts in my head. The only way to get around these thoughts and visions is to make it real. I’m inspired by Mike Tyson. The reason being is that he was there to hurt his opponent and to win no matter what.

SA: What can we expect from you once you turn pro?

JH: Excitement, unpredictability, explosiveness and eventful. Action that everybody would love to watch!

SA: You are on the cusp of joining the pro game. What do you see your ultimate goal as and have you a target in mind to have this goal achieved by?

JH: To bring another huge spark back into the boxing world. My target is to become a champ and to handover the belt to my mother and father. There is no time set for this target yet as I have to do a lot more training in the gym first but believe me, it will be coming soon!

SA: How do your family and friends feel about you turning pro and having a career in boxing?

JH: To be honest I couldn’t answer that on my parents behalf, so you might like this quote from them.

"We are extremely proud of Jake but also worry about the risks the sport of boxing has but know that this is his dream and we will support him until his dream comes true and his wish is fulfilled".

All of my friends are very pleased for me as they know what an unsteady path I have had before, and now everything is going the way it needs to be they are being very supportive.

SA: What have you learnt during your time in the amateurs that you feel will translate well into the pro’s to make you a success?

JH: I have learnt from my time with the amateurs. This is where you first learn the ropes but I have also learnt a lot from spending a lot of time with professional boxers, watching them spar and train. I have also had the opportunity with the pro's training and sparing.

SA: Who are your favorite fighters?

JH: Mike Tyson, David Haye, Michael Sprott, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roy Jones Jr. There’s many, all with different styles.

SA: What do you feel it is going to take to become a World Champion?

JH: Dedication is a must with something like this! You have to be mentally focused and ready for what ever jumps out in front of you! Even if it’s a boxer haha!

SA: Do you see boxing as a sport, a way of life or just a job?

JH: What’s my life? Hmmm ok, Boxing and Training is my life. I live it.

SA: We’ve got to know a bit about you in the ring. Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself outside of it?

JH: My family mean the world to me. You can start with me, put me through pain all day long but never with my family. I’m very protective over them all. They have helped me through everything I have done and always there if I need to fall back on them.

SA: So what is the next step for you now?

JH: To work hard and to prove to everybody that I could make a difference to the boxing world!

SA: Is there a particular promoter or team that you are hoping to work with when you enter the pro game?

JH: There’s options open to me, but as of yet I have made no decision until nearer the time.

SA: Do you feel that enough respect is given to boxers considering the risks they face when entering the ring?

JH: I don’t think enough respect is maybe given. This is my opinion. Think the entertainment covers up the actual risks involved when two boxers fight for what they want. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean boxers don’t get respect. Still, I just don’t think people truly understand the risks! One punch could be the last you'll ever get.

SA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

JH: Champion!!!! Ooops. Thats too soon. Ha. I would like to be doing very well and high up in ranks.

SA: Would you like to add anything to the interview?

JH: I would just like to thank you for showing interest in my future career and supporting me in everyway!

SA: Do you have a message or any shout outs to your supporters?

JH: I would like to thank everybody who is following me on Twitter and watching my career unfold. Follow me all the way to the top on Twitter .. @J4k3Henderson

And I would also like to thank everybody who has helped me in the past and people who are helping me at present. They all know who they are. Too many shout outs if I named them all!

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