By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Ishe Smith, Sylvana Ambrosanio & Badou Jack

SA: Your next fight will be this upcoming Saturday 9th of September 2012 in Las Vegas. How is your training coming along?

IS: Training has been great, sparring has been terrific, and it doesn't hurt having the best coach in the business Eddie Muhammad.

SA: When you are in between fights do you stay in the gym or do you only train during training camp prior to an upcoming bout?

IS: We like to train here and now, we don't go crazy, but I like to stay in pretty good shape.

SA: What does your training consist of?

IS: Now if I gave away my secrets everyone would do them.

SA: You have sparred Floyd Mayweather, how has working with him helped developed your career?

IS: Well he is the best in the game, whenever you spare him its a great experience. In and out of the ring he is a class act, I'm glad he is guiding my career now and that he believes in me.

SA: Regarding nutrition, do you have a strict nutritional regimen or do you pretty much eat whatever you want?

IS: Pretty strict when I'm in training, pretty healthy.

SA: You will be fighting Irving Garcia. What do you know of your opponent?

IS: Nothing, I don't study opponents; I just know that I will win Saturday, September 8th.

SA: Who is your inspiration in the sport of boxing and what is the motivation behind your career?

IS: Watching Floyd work as hard as he does, all the hate he deals with, all the ridicule, and how he brushes it off and still is on top; that's a big inspiration for me. My motivation is my children, being able to provide for all of them means the world to me.

SA: What is your first boxing memory?

IS: Watching Azumah Nelson train at my gym, and having him tell me I would be champion one day.

SA: What is your motivation behind your career?

IS: My faith in God, believing in and trusting in him. If it wasn't for him I don't know where I would be today. I keep myself healthy, I have never done drugs, and I don't drink, that itself has preserved my body and extended my career.

SA: If you weren't a boxer, what would you be doing professionally?

IS: Prolly playing soccer or defensive back in the NFL.

SA: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

IS: Driven, Happy, determined

SA: What would you change or do different?

IS: I wouldn't change a thing; it made me the man I am today.

SA: What do you do in your free time to relax?

IS: Movies, love trying new restaurants, travel, coaching youth football.

SA: If you could write your own script, what would the next years of your life look like?

IS: I'm letting God direct, I have absolutely no idea, I just want to follow his lead.

SA: What can we expect from you near the future?

IS: To keep beating every opponent they put in front of me, and one day be crowned champion.

SA: Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

IS: Thank you for your support, follow me on twitter and instagram.