Ingle Gym

The Ingle Gym is a boxing gym situated in Wincobank, Sheffield, and has been forging World class fighters since the mid 1960’s. It’s hard to believe that such a well-respected boxing gym was born from a weekly dance!

Brendon Ingle was asked by the local vicar in 1964 to help take “troubled” youths off the streets of Sheffield, and the Saturday night dance was born. After the dance, more often than not, the youths could be found to be fighting outside the church hall (which is now St Thomas’s Boys and Girls Club). Brendon Ingle was known to bring the youths back inside the old church hall where they could don some gloves and fight properly. It was around this time that the old hall was converted to the gym that still stands there today.

Over the years Brendon has introduced and trained a whole catalogue of World and European class fighters, most notably, Prince Naseem Hamed, Johnny Nelson, Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, Ryan Rhodes and Junior Witter. He still works very closely with his son Dominic Ingle at the gym, training some of the very best British, European and soon to be World class boxers that we have today, such as Kell Brook, Adam Etches, Barray Awad (Kid Galahad) and Richard Towers to name just a few.

The Ingle Gym is renowned for training fighters concentrating on the footwork and reflexes for defensive work, to allow the hands to have a more offensive and flexible approach. This style historically allows Ingle’s boxers to create a greater number of options and angles for attacks whilst reducing the chance of the opposition anticipating from where the next flurries of punches are coming.

From the moment you step into St Thomas’s you are immersed in the history and heritage that oozes from the walls. You won’t find any modern or hi-tech training gear in here; no treadmills, bikes or rowing machines, but instead low slung Iron girders, heavy bags hanging and speedballs on the wall. In essence, everything a fighter needs to train and mold into the next big thing, including dust covered line work on the floor for that all important footwork! There is no denying that these surroundings and methods must work, with Brendon alone successfully training and nurturing 4 world champions, 6 European, 15 British and 6 Commonwealth Champions making him one of the most successful trainers to ever work in the sport!

With the next generation of Ingle’s fighters stepping up to world class level, the Ingle name is sure to stay a prominent feature in the world of boxing, thus keeping alive Sheffield’s reputation for forging some of the world’s finest boxers! will be following the Ingle’s Gym closely and will keep you up to date on all the action from the boxers fighting out of it so watch this space!