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"With the increasing trend of very large Heavyweights, is it now time to introduce a 'Super Heavyweight' division in professional boxing? The last significant change implemented by the sanctioning bodies was a Cruiserweight limit increase from 190lbs to 200lbs back in 2004. This allowed the smaller Heavyweights to compete at Cruiserweight. Recently, Tyson Fury officially weighed 44lbs more than his opponent Steve Cunningham in their Heavyweight matchup. Is further change required to prevent such weight differences? Would boxing benefit from the introduction of a 'Super Heavyweight' division? Or would another division with more titles cause even further confusion and chaos in the sport we love?" Be part and e-mail your thoughts to"


Over the recent months we have seen several controversial decisions coming from the judge's scorecards. Is enough done to make boxing a fair sport, and what else could be done to improve it? After all these controversies, does the 10 point must scoring system actually work? What other scoring system would be more fair to the fighters and make the scoring of a fight more accurate?

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Do Boxers gain enough respect for the job and the entertainment that they provide for us? Do the benefits, that social networking brings to the boxers, by providing close contact with fans, outweigh the higher chance of being easily harassed and abused by a small minority?

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