Three months on from the first day of the rest of his life, Kieran Farrell kindly sat down to talk to

by Mark Dormer

On Friday 7th December, Kieran Farrell entered the ring to face his biggest challenge yet in the form of 28 year old Anthony Crolla. This was supposed to be his big step up into the limelight of British Boxing “it’s a fight I was to show how good I really was, mixing it with the best in Britain age 22 after 14 fights”

The fight, as expected was an out and out war with solid punches and toe to toe action from the first bell. The action carried through unreservedly to the last bell, where upon returning to his corner Kieran collapsed onto his stool. Having received treatment in the ring for several minutes, he was rushed to hospital. During the fight a roundabout the sixth round onwards anything that touched the right hand side of my head was really painful but I didn't think anything of it”.

Kieran never heard the judges “controversial” decision of a points win awarded to Anthony Crolla but is proud of the display he put on “I thought I'd won the fight at the end of it and I think 75% of the crowd did as well! I boxed to instructions and fought my heart out, I have no problem with the decision, but the score cards were a joke, 9 rounds to 1 and 1 share, how can they justify that?”

Since the fight, much has had to change in Kieran’s life, he’s had to go through the ordeal of being told by the doctors that he will never box again and that the next punch could kill him. When asked about it, Kieran explained Yes it's been the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with and I know that it is far from over, I spoke to Spencer Oliver who had a brain injury aged 22 as well and he’s still crystal to the day about it so my problems are far from over. It's a true test of character now how I deal with the situation!”

So what does somebody do when they are told that the dream they have been chasing since they could walk is over and that they have to start from scratch? Well Kieran has decided to set up his own boxing gym just down the road from his family home. When asked whether it had always been an ambition of his to open a boxing gym, he repliedYes and no, I always said that when I hang my gloves up I'd open my own steakhouse and train fighters but it’s come 20 years too early for me, I'm in no rush now though I have plenty of time to get everything right” Surely a testament to the fighting spirit instilled into the body and soul of every boxer! 

The support from the boxing community has been nothing short of inspirational either, with fundraising events organised at several gyms and an upcoming benefit dinner organised by his former promoter David Coldwell.The support has been fantastic and without that I'd be in a deeper state of depression by now, god knows what I'd be like. It's eased the pain of me not being able to box again a lot, but nothing will ever stop that pain from searing” Kieran explained, from which it is obvious that the road to recovery is not going to be a straight forward or easy one.

So what are the ambitions for Kieran now, and where does he see himself in ten year’s time? Well in true fighting spirit the aims are high and testing. Hopefully I'll have a successful amateur gym with numerous national champions and a stable of pro boxers including British, European and hopefully world champions”

All we can say is that we wish Kieran all the best in his new direction and journey within the boxing world, if his spirit and toughness in the ring is anything to go by, we may well see a new world class boxing gym arising very soon.