By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Rising star Light Middleweight Prichard Colón 2-0 talks to about his amateur career, his start in the pro's, his childhood and much much more:

SA: Hi Prichard, thanks for talking to today, how are you?

PM: Hey Sylvana, I’m good, just relaxing and spending time with the family, my last week in Orlando before going back home to Orocovis, Puerto Rico. I’m back in the gym doing some light work to keep in shape.

SA: Let’s start with how you first got into boxing?

PM: As far back I can remember I’ve always been around boxing and gyms, my older brother had a brief boxing career so I followed after him and kept at it. Growing up I was inspired by my two favorite boxers Felix “Tito” Trinidad & Hector “Macho” Camacho Sr. Each for different reasons, Tito for being the peoples champ and being so humble with his people, and Macho for his ring generalship, a great entertainer and crowd pleaser with his unique flashy style.

SA: At what age did you first start training?

PM: I started training at around 6 years old a few times a week, and at seven I was really getting at it. My first fight was at eight, I remember being really nervous but excited at the same time. It was a good fight and pulled out with the win.

Felix Trinidad and Prichard

SA: What would you say are your best attributes that make you a more rounded boxer than the rest?

PM: I’m a very patient boxer which suits the pros, and I’m pretty tall being almost 6'1” at 147. After a successful amateur career I use the skills learned and use the ring to my advantage. My philosophy is hit and don’t get hit.

SA: Can you tell us about your amateur career?

PM: I started fighting in the year 2000 and fought at a few state, regional & USA National tournaments having good results. So at 15 I decided to move to Puerto Rico in pursuit of making the PR National Team. I represented my country for 4 years internationally going to countries like Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil etc. My favorite fight was the finals for the Pan-American Youth Championship U-19 where I defeated the Cuban for the Gold Medal. My toughest fight was when I fought the Olympic and World Champion Roniel Iglesias from Cuba, I got Bronze and he finished with the Gold. I medaled at almost all my international tournaments and was the youngest boxer on the PR Team to compete at the XXI Central American & Caribbean Games Mayaguez 2010.

SA: You thought for the Puerto Rican Olympic Boxing Team, how was this experience for you?

PM: Fighting in different countries with the team was great, spending time with other participants, trading equipment, learning different cultures. And the best is winning the Gold and hearing your National Anthem on foreign soil and having your flag raised above all.

SA: You made your pro debut back on 23rd February against Xavier Lasalle winning by way of KO. How important was it to win the fight but also in such emphatic style?

PM: It was great just to get in the ring, after the Olympic Qualifiers to my pro debut 9 months passed so I thought I was going to be real rusty. I was real focused leading up to the fight and really wanted that W, when it came by KO in the first round it was a moment to enjoy and celebrate. I was back and ready.  

SA: What have you found the main differences are between the amateurs and the pro game?

PM: The difference to me is the pace of the fight, in the amateurs you had to work with the point system, so you were rushed to come out ahead. But in the pros everything is more calmed, you have to be more alert, you have more time to work your opponents and at any moment things can change with one punch. I had some good time to adapt and make the adjustments for the pros. For 9 months I didn't fight but I was working in the gym new things and had good sparring’s to be ready. My amateur pedigree helped a whole lot; it gives you confidence, self assurance, and skills that will always help.  

SA: You have recently fought Patrick Thomas taking a 2nd round TKO victory, what were your thoughts on this fight?

PM: It was lots of fun to fight in my second home Orlando where I was born and to give back and perform in front of my people. Thomas came to fight and early in the fight came on attack but I got to him with some strong punches that held him back, I was surprised he can really take some punches. He was a little uncomfortable, but next time I could keep my opponent off a little more with my educated jab so he couldn't grab my waist so much. But at the end it was a nice W this time by TKO.  

SA: How many fights do you plan to fit in?

PM: I want to stay as active as possible; I’m always training and willing to fight. We are hoping to be at least 6-0 by December.

SA: Are there any fights that you would love to have at the minute?

PM: As an amateur I faced the best, I measured myself with the elites internationally. So as a pro I want to do the same, I’m working my way up and maybe in a few years I’ll fight whoever is on top maybe Canelo or whoever.

SA: When will we see you back in action?

PM: I don’t have any official fight yet, I’m back in the gym though, and hopefully next month I will be back in action.

SA: What is going through your mind as you enter the ring? Can you feel the atmosphere from the fans or are you that “zoned in” that you can’t hear or feel it?

PM: I’m confident going as I leave the locker room, real pumped and knowing I had a good training camp and my corner is behind me. I’ve brought big crowds to my fights so I’m ready to hear them cheer once I step out for my ring walk. Once I get out I hear the roar of my fight fans and then it’s time to perform and not let my people down. After all is done I'm greeted by new fans and love from everybody, it’s a great moment.

SA: What does a typical week in training look like for you?

PM: I work-out six days a week. Mondays through Fridays I work twice a day, I added a physical trainer I work with three times a week and its given great results. I love mitt work with my dad its lots of fun, we learn more about each other every day.  

SA: We’ve learnt about you inside of the ring, can you tell us about your life on the outside of it?

PM: I dedicate most of my time to boxing and if it’s not me I’m watching videos and reading articles, it’s my passion I feed of it. Once my career is done I hope to be a promoter or work with the sport. But I also love to spend time with the family, and watching sports.  

Everybody doing the Victory dance!

SA: You were born and raised in Orlando, Florida but moved to Puerto Rico. How about you tell us about your childhood?

PM: I grew up in Orlando, it’s where it all began I have lots of friends and family that still live back “home”. I like to visit when I have the time and remember good times. I always had the dream to represent Puerto Rico, I told my father that all I wanted was to have the opportunity to do it one time just once. I ended up making the team and representing around the world for 4 years, it was the greatest experience. My grandma from my father’s side who just passed away a few months ago was from Biberach an der Riss, Germany. I met her sister but the family is small and I don’t know much about them. What I remember from her is that she was very tough and had a strong character.  

SA: Who are your favourite current and all-time boxers and why?

PM: My favorite fighters right now are Floyd Mayweather and Vitali Klitschko. My favorite all-time after Macho Camacho and Tito Trinidad are Roy Jones Jr, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Pernell Whitaker. My all-time favorites are all showmen and brought something new and unique to the game.

SA: Do you have a final message to your fans, supporters and our readers?

PM: I want to thank all my fight fans, all the people that support me and the people who are getting to know me I’m sure you will continue to follow me career from now on. Shout-out to all my people from Orocovis my hometown, Orlando, Puerto Rico & Latino America, I love you guys and this is just the beginning its #DiggetTime baby!

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