By Sylvana Ambrosanio

If you haven't seen me fight yet, you will love me afterwards. I think I have more heart than most fighters. I grew up tough so my grit gives me an extra edge. I just think about how happy I am to be living out my dream. It feels good to know all my hard work, pain and suffering have paid off." stated Quatavious Cash

SA: Hey Quatavious, how are you? We last saw you in the ring back in November 2012 against Jose Felix taking another TKO victory. When will you be back in the ring?

QC: I’m doing fine, just taking care of my mom and training getting ready for my next fight. My next fight is May 3, 2013 in Greensboro North Carolina and I don’t know who my opponent will be yet.

SA: You’ve now had six pro fights and remain unbeaten. How are you finding the pro game?

QC: The pro game is going well but I still have a lot to learn. I had 78 amateur fights and I fought every different style so I was well prepared when I crossed over to the pro’s. It was just a gut feeling. I was ready to leave the amateur fighting alone because I already had a pro style. I learned to adjust to any fighter any size.

SA: What would you say are your best assets?

QC: My height and my speed are my best assets. I use them to box smart and to know I can out class any opponent without brawling with them. I think I have more heart than most fighters. I grew up tough so my grit gives me an extra edge. I am a boxer puncher, I can fight if I have to but I rather use quick hands and feet to get the job done.

SA: Can you talk us through what a normal day would look like for you when just in basic training as well as a normal day when in camp?

QC: In training camp I wake up at 3:30am to run, then I do my strength and conditioning to 7:00am. Then I rest till 12:00pm. From 1:00pm-6:00pm I train boxing and strength and conditioning all in one. On a normal day I wake up at 7:00pm to run, then I help my mom exercise and also cook for her. Then I head to the boxing gym at 12:00pm - then to my strength and conditioning gym at 5:30pm.

SA: Do you like to research your next opponent before a fight?

QC: I train for every style so I leave it up to my trainers to watch films etc. I rather leave it until I’m standing in front of him. It’s not very important for me to find spar partners. I have fighters coming from all states for me to spar with.

SA: What is going through your mind as you enter the ring?

QC: On my walk to the ring I just think about how happy I am to be living out my dream. As far as the fans I feed off the energy of the crowd, I hear and see everything. It feels good to know all my hard work and pain and suffering have paid off training for that fight.

SA: Ok, so let's get to know you inside and outside the ring...

QC: I grew up rough so I was force to fight. I always looked at Hector Camacho and Diego Corrales on TV so it was always a childhood dream just to get in the ring. In 10th grade I beat up a dude for beating up his girlfriend and I got kicked off the basketball team. A boxing trainer found out about it, I met up with him and I been with him ever since. I am very family orientated and I enjoy spending time with them. My interests are music, cars, fighter jets and I also like to read. My hobbies are eating and cooking.

SA: How about your first boxing memory?

QC: Honestly I can’t remember everything but I remember beating a dude that was 12 pounds heavier.

SA: What about your favorite boxers?

QC: My all time favourites are Hector Camacho and Diego Carrales. Hector was both flashy and flamboyant, I like the energy he gave out in the ring. Diego had tremendous heart. Besides Ali and Tyson these were the first two boxers that I seen fight on TV. I look up to Adrien Broner, I had a chance to spar him before he fought Litzau. Just to see his hard work and dedication pay off it motivates me.

SA: So where do you see yourself in few years time?

QC: I want to stay busy so hopefully I’ll fight six times this year just like last year. In 5 years I see myself being a middleweight world champion, taking care of my family and opening doors for the people that’s around me.

SA: Anything else you would like to share?

QC: If you haven’t seen me fight yet, you will love me afterwards.