By Sylvana Ambrosanio

WBC International Lightweight Champion Brooke "No Mercy" Dierdorff sat down with me in 2009 for an interview, check out what she had to say about Mia St John any much more.

SA: Brooke, how are things going with you?

BD: Things are wonderful for me right now! I just got home a few weeks ago from my last fight where I defeated Mia St. John for the 2nd time. This time in her back yard of Mexico by unanimous decision on April 4th 09 and this time taking her WBC International Lightweight Championship Belt home with me!

SA: Who is Brooke 'No Mercy' inside and outside the ring?

BD: I'm 27 years old and live in Illinois. I work a full time job at a local garage door company J&D Door Sales where I do all the office duties. Then there of course is my boxing career! I'm also engaged to my trainer/manager Chris Millbrook whom I have a 5 year old daughter with named Jadyn our pride and joy. I have always been very competitive and participated in all sports in school! After high school I joined the Army and while stationed in Colorado I went to fights all the time at a local place. Here I became intrigued with boxing and being as competitive as I am I thought this would be something that I would like to try! I met my trainer/fiancé Chris and he was also stationed there in the Army and he thought it would be fun for both of us to go to a local boxing gym and try it out so we did! That is where it started!

SA: Congratulations on your win over Mia St. John. Did Mia bring anything to the ring that you did not expect?

BD: Well I really didn't expect anything I just trained hard for whatever she was going to bring to the table. The first time that I fought Mia back in April 07 I took the fight on 4 days notice as a replacement fighter going up 3 weight classes & fought my first 6 round fight as well against Mia & came out victorious! In the first fight Mia thought that since she was bigger she would be able to just walk right through me and be stronger than me so she brawled with me but I proved to be stronger! We expected that she would not do this again and this time she would try to use her experience, weight & boxing skills to outbox me but that was not going to happen unless she ran out of the ring! Mia had 2 choices either brawl with me or try to outbox me and we trained for both!

SA: What did Mia St. John bring to the ring this time that you may not have expected?

BD: In this fight Mia didn't bring anything that we didn't expect. We expected Mia to try to move and outbox me and when I got close to her try to hold me. That is exactly what she tried to do but this is exactly what we trained for and that was not going to work! My fighting style is Ruff, Rugged & Raw!

SA: Who would you like to fight next?

BD: Ina Menzer, Olivia Gerula and beacuse they are the 126 & 130LB world champions and those are the titles that I want first and foremost! I would also like to fight Melissa Hernandez, Rola El Halabi, Stacey Reile, Crystal Delgado, Sarah Pucek because she asked for it and I don't want her to think I didn't see the article on she posted just to name a few there are many others I would like to face one day.

SA: Any plan on coming to Germany to fight featherweight Champion Ina Menzer?

BD: Yes if she is willing to take the challenge!

SA: What goal have you set yourself for 2009?

BD: My goals now that I'm a WBC Champion is to get 3 belts in 3 different weight classes so I can go down as lb for lb! I want the WBC World titles and any others that are available!

SA: What is a typical trainings day for you and do you do anything that's unique in your training?

BD: We do so many different things in training that just about everything we do in training is unique! I stay in the gym even when not in training camp for an upcoming fight we just don't do such brutal workouts in between; when we have a fight scheduled we will up the workouts dramatically. Mitts, mitts & more mitts. We do all the normal boxing workouts, mitts, sparing, shadow boxing, bag work. But we also do MMA style training which I won't go into details on. I also do weight training and endurance training as well. We do so many different styles of training. I love training period in boxing. It never gets old because you always have something new to try or learn, you can never know it all when it comes to boxing. But my personal favorite part of training is the sparing because you get to work on all the things that you have been learning and see how they will work for you. You get to see how much you have really learned.

SA: Regarding nutrition, do you have a strict nutritional regimen or do you pretty much eat whatever you want?

BD: I eat whatever I want when I don't have a fight comming up but when I'm in training camp I follow a more strict diet.

SA: Who are your inspirations in the sport of boxing?

BD: First on the women’s side of boxing Chevelle Hallback is my #1. She is now a very close friend of mine but even before that I have followed her career since the beginning she is the best female boxer of all time. Also Terri Blair is also a close friend of mine and I have always admired her career as well! She will fight anyone anywhere just like me she is a true warrior. I also follow Kelsey Jeffries because she has been around so long as well. I would love to meet her in the ring one day. Of course Christy Martin and Lucia Rjicker as well. On the men's side of boxing I am huge fan of Floyd Mayweather Jr., Roy Jones Jr., Nate Campbell, Sugar Shane, Bernard Hopkins, Ali & Mike Tyson just to name a few!

SA: How do you deal with being a woman in a male dominated sport?

BD: You know what I feel it the most when I get my check after my fights, that is the most disturbing part of it!

SA: How did you get your nickname "No Mercy"?

BD: From my trainer/fiancé Chris because no matter how hard he hits me or how many times he hits me in sparring I never quit or stopped coming. I always have to get my shot back in; that came from his mouth.

SA: What or who do you credit your success to?

BD: First and foremost I have to credit my trainer/fiancé Chris Millbrook for everything he has done for me in & outside the ring. I also have to credit my daughter, mom & dad, brothers, friends & family & all the fans for always supporting me. This gives me strength to keep moving forward no matter what happens. I also have to credit myself for being the true warrior that I am & never backing down.

SA: What can we expect from you near the future?

BD: I hope to be able to fight more often now and be able to put on some more terrific shows for all the fans. I hope to fight for the world titles and become champion in 3 different weight classes. We are looking for more fights so if you are a matchmaker or a promoter looking for a great female fighter to put on your shows or promote please contact my manager and let’s see what we can work out.

SA: What do you do in your free time or for fun besides boxing?

BD: I love to go dancing, camping, boating, hang out with friends and family, have cook outs and go different placed with my fiancé & daughter.

SA: Do you have anything you would like to tell boxing fans?

BD: I would like to thank all of my fans, friends & family for all the love & support you have show me on my journey to becoming a world champion! I will be putting on more wonderful shows for you in the near future! Thank you for the interview, it was my pleasure!
Brooke "No Mercy" Dierdorff
WBC International Lightweight Champion!