By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Brian Mihtar took the time to sit down for an interview early 2010. Brian Mihtar is a middleweight Boxer from Detroit. "My style of fighting was not suited for the amateurs but I made the most of the experience." said Mihtar. Prior turning pro Mithar began training at the famed Kronk Gym under legendary Emanuel Steward who trained him for his first 3 professional bouts. 

SA: How are you doing, is everything going the way you want it to go?

BM: First I want to say hello to all my dear and beloved fans and thank them all worldwide for the tons of support they give me, without the fans we as a boxing community as a whole are nothing....I am doing great, I am in absolutely in the best shape of my life and cant wait for May 8, I feel this is the defining fight of my life and I have never ever been more prepared mentally and physically. I am 100% confident on May 8 the world will see Brian Mihtar. I am so excited and happy. I can’t remember ever being so happier besides when my son was born.

SA: What got you interested in boxing?

BM: I started boxing at age 16, one day i just went to Kronk gym in Detroit because I was causing problems in school fighting and the rest was history.

SA: Your next fight will be May, 8th at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas against Ishe Smith.

BM: I definitely have a game plan which I can't disclose, as far as looking for a KO if the opportunity presents itself I'm a Kronk fighter; the art of finishing you off is in my blood.

SA: What does this fight mean to you?

BM: EVERYTHING!! Have no illusions I will be victorious. Losing is not an option.

SA: What do you know about Ishe Smith?

BM: That he is a defensive minded fighter who is safety first and has had many problems getting fights due to his "safety first" style...but to answer your question straight, I know who he is and respect him as a boxer but realize fully he is in over his head against me. I also know he declined fighting me at first until promotional pressure was put on him. He wanted a ".500" fighter. Furthermore I am a realist I want to express from a career move standpoint this was the worst decision Ishe Smith ever made fighting me, he has nothing to gain and everything to lose, the pressure is all on him, he his fighting at home. If he beats me the pundits will say he beat a guy with 11 fights. So what?? If he loses its over for him. I can't imagine the pressure/regret that's going through his head after he found out I was a live prospect opponent after he signed the contract. I have to credit my manager Mike Criscio for that chess move, he baited and they bit! But it isn't over yet Ishe is no pushover, my victory won't be a walk in the park.

SA: What is your best punch?

BM: They are all good; I can KO anyone with any punch. I was blessed with KO power, and I thank god for it.

SA: How is training coming along?

BM: Absolutely perfect thank god! I am in the best shape of my life. I train 3 times a day (6 hours) consists of jogging, variety of sparring sparring (to mimic Ishe's style), light weights, heavy cardio etc. Always in the gym regardless fight or no fight, obviously I step it up when I have a bout. I love boxing it is my life, it runs through my veins, it's never a bad day to train.

SA: What about your fighting style?

BM: Well I have been told I look a division bigger that 154lb, as far as style, I am a combination of speed, power, skill-and most importantly hunger! I have never been hungrier in my life, I finally have a defining fight and I will shine god willing.

SA: What can we expect from you near the future?

BM: Jr Middle weight champ of the world

SA: Who were your inspirations in the sport of boxing?

BM: Muhammed Ali, Bernard Hopkins, Felix Trinidad, Naseem Hamed, Roy Jones Jr.

SA: Do you think the world of boxing has changed now that there's MMA?

BM: Neither, the MMA scene with the exception of a few talents is a cock fight with humans - I have no interest in it at all, in my opinion the worst boxer would annihilate an MMA fighter in a boxing match. Keep making good fights and put pressure on promoters to treat fighters fair

SA: Who do you credit your success to?

God. Family friends. And my faith...I know when I step into the ring God is with me.

SA: Do you have anything you would like to tell boxing fans?

BM: I love you all, and if was not for you my fans I would not be here getting this stepping stone fight. Thank you and may god keep you and your families safe and happy. There is only 1 God and Muhammad is his final prophet (peace be upon him) Thank you - Brian Mihtar