By Sylvana Ambrosanio

With the praises coming thick and fast from all corners of the boxing world about the Kronk fighters thought it was about time we got to know a bit about the rising stars. SylvanaBoxing will follow their journey as the  guys force their way through the ranks to the top, and of course, you, the boxing fans are all invited to join us on this exciting fast paced journey. Keep an eye on the Kronk family who will all have regular features and updates right here!

Today, I had the pleasure to sit down with up and coming boxer Leandre ‘Blue’ White. Get early involved in the Future Of Boxing and get to know "BLUE".

I asked “The first lady of boxing” Jackie Kallen about Blue:

"Leandre "Blue" White has World Champion stamped all over him. He looks the part, carries himself like a winner, and has the necessary skills to go all the way. I see a dedicated young man who has his head screwed on tightly and has his goals and aspirations clearly defined. He can box very well and he is slick in the ring. What makes him special? Basically it is his attitude and his training habits that make him shine. He doesn't just WANT to become a champ - he does what it takes to achieve it. He takes his career seriously and is prepared to make any sacrifices necessary to succeed. The fans can expect to see excitement every time Blue steps into the ring. He is more than just a fighter. He is an entertainer."

SA: Leandre, thanks for taking the time to talk to talk to me today. What are you up to these days?

LW: No problem thanks for having me. These days of my life I am dedicating  myself to my sport. Boxing.

SA: How about we start off by you introducing yourself and tell us a little about yourself?

LW: Well my name is Leandre White better known as Blue in the boxing world. I am a ITT Tech graduate. I am currently enrolled in classes now for web design. At my day job  I work in a call center as a customer service representative, and we all know my main job is going to my office and getting inside that boxing ring.

Outside the ring Leandre still has boxing on his mind. Boxing does not go any where. But when I am not in the gym, I am usually just relaxing. One of my favorite places to eat is J Alexander. I love eating soul food. I can't say my favorite movie, only select few people knows that. Maybe in our next interview you can get it out of me. (laughs), if you grab my ipod you will hear a lot of Drake, Big Sean, and Meek Mills.

SA: What is the story behind your nickname “Blue”?

LW: My uncle name is Lanny BLUE Edmons. He also boxed under Emanuel Steward back in the day. When I entered KRONK gym Walter Smith, and Arthel “BAMM” Lawhorn started calling me lil Blue. And the name stuck with me.

SA: Do you know when we will see you back in the ring?

Soon, I'm not going to release any dates yet, but it will not be long. I can say I'll be in the ring more often. (wink)

SA: What can the boxing fans expect from you once you’re back in the ring? I hear you are more than just a fighter. You are an entertainer?

LW: I mean in boxing you have to sell tickets and fill seats. Just walking to a ring and winning will not get those 40 million dollar checks. So you can expect to see me winning and being entertaining inside and out of the ring. Just expect a good show.  

Leandre, Jackie Kallen and Floyd Mayweather

SA: What role plays “The first lady of boxing” Jackie Kallen in your career?

LW: Jackie is a very nice lady. She has been keeping up with me since my debut, giving me insight about the sport. After the passing of Emanuel Steward, she really stepped up and offered to get me to the top. So as of right now me and Jackie have a good relationship.

SA: Let’s talk about your boxing career. How did you get involved into boxing?  

LW: At a young age my father would always buy me boxing gloves and a boxing bag. I also had my mother who would slap box with me in the kitchen. Once I became old enough, I found my way to a boxing gym and the rest is history.

SA: What role does boxing play in your life and what overall affect does it have?

LW: Boxing is my life, therefore there is no roles being played. I can say that I have never been the type to hang in the streets and boxing made sure I did not go down that path. 

SA: You had a bright amateur career – tell us about it?

LW: I only had over 100 fights….(laughs). No but really the amateurs was fun, I got to travel, meet people, and it was the background of what I am today. I finished the amateurs with a record of 98-12. Winning from local all the way to national level of boxing

SA: How important is your amateur career to you?

Like I said before, it’s the background of what I am today. So it’s very important to me - without it I would not be the fighter I am today.  

SA: What was your proudest moment?

LW: Mmmm well we are talking about amateur boxing, so from there my entire career was like one proud moment to me. My proudest moment as a boxer was on January 6, 2012 when I made my pro debut.

SA: When you turned pro were the many habits for you to unlearn or was it more like an ongoing process?

LW: To be honest it was an ongoing process. At Kronk they prepare us for the pro’s from day one. I had a few bad habits, nothing major, now I am just sharpen and perfecting my craft.

SA: You are repping the world class Kronk Gym. How does it feel to be able to train and fight with such great heritage around you?

LW: Come on Sylvana, I am coming from a historic gym and soon my name will be historic, it don’t get any better than that.

SA: You mainly train under Sugar Hill but also under the great, late Manny Steward. How was your relationship to him and what is the main lesson that you have taken away having worked with Manny?

LW: I still can’t believe he is gone; he was a true father figure in my life. There is not just a main lesson that he taught me. Every time we spoke there was some type of lesson that I was being taught. I will forever be grateful for his time we shared and the things he instilled in me

SA: How does training with Sugar Hill help develop your career? What is your favorite part of training and why?

LW: Hill is my guy. Hill aims for perfection. Being perfect is impossible, so I’m always forced to work harder when dealing with him. My favorite part of training will be sparring, I just love to be in that ring,

'Blue' and Emanuel Steward

SA: You had the great opportunity to train and sparr with many great champions. Tell us about your experience and how useful was this for you?  

LW: The list goes from K9, Migel Cotto, Kermit Cintron, Jermain Taylor, Jonathon Banks, Andy Lee, Edwin Rodriguez, and the list goes on. Boxing these guys made me up my game. They help make me the fighter I am today. 

SA: Do you feel that it gave you a good gauge of where you currently are?

LW: Most definitely, they were not going too easy on me, it was go hard or go home, and I was not going home.

SA: Jackie Kallen praises you have the World Champion stamped all over you. What attributes do you think you need to make it to the world level?

LW: I have the talent, skills, and I am gaining the knowledge every day. I just need to continue to better myself daily. Continue to perfect my craft daily. Then when my time comes just be ready

SA: What do you feel are your best skills and assets and how do you fully exploit them during training and inside the ring? 

LW: The ability to box, I am a tall southpaw and I love to use my reach. I love to hit people and then make them miss. I love to have fun in the ring. I don’t want to say too much, but trust me you will see.

SA: I asked Jackie Kallen what makes you special. Her answer was: “Basically it is his attitude and his training habits that make him shine. He doesn't just WANT to become a champ--he does what it takes to achieve it. He takes his career seriously and is prepared to make any sacrifices necessary to succeed.”

What would you say makes you special/different in comparison to the other prospects?

LW: I mean me and the other prospects all have the same goal. However who is going to train the hardest, who is going to sacrifice the late nights to run before the sun come up. Who is willing to sacrifice their mates and woman in camp? Who is ready to die in that ring? Me, I only have one shot, chances make champions, and this is my time, my chance. Don’t believe me, just watch. (WINK)

SA: You can box very well, and are slick in the ring. How would you describe yourself as a boxer and your boxing style?

LW: I am a pure boxer with the hit and don’t get hit style. I love to sit there and trade it out. But I am at my best when I am boxing.

Leandre White and his trainer Sugar Hill

SA: Do you think that keeping an unbeaten record is more important than putting yourself into 50/50 fights or is keeping the “0” record of more importance?

LW: My “0” is everything. It makes me more marketable, it gives me options. Boxing is a business. Any businessman wants their business to have a clean unblemished name. That is how I am treating my “0”.

SA: What is your all-time favourite fight and why?

LW: I have so many, but I really like watching Hearns vs. Hagler, them boys went at it.

SA: What fighters did you admire growing up, anyone who is an inspiration to you?

LW: I often like and looked up to Floyd Mayweather, Roy Jones, and Pernell Withcker who I watched on youtube all the time. Floyd’s will, determination, drive, inspires me to go hard and put myself in a lane all by myself.

SA: What about your first boxing memory?

LW: My father buying me boxing gloves, and my mother boxing me in the kitchen.

SA: What would you have like to have achieved by the year end of 2013?

LW: By the end of the year, I want to have my name buzzing in the boxing circles, and to end the year with that beautiful “0”

SA: Where do you see yourself in 5years time from now?

LW: Mmmm, I will be 28, I will be a champion by then. But I want that green belt (WBC), and if I don’t have it I will be going after whoever has it, I have to have it.

SA: Are there any shout outs you would like to do, or add anything to the interview?

LW: Shout out to you Sylvana for getting names out here and helping the sport, Thanks. I want to shout out my team whom has been here since day one, friends, fans, and family, I thank you all. You know who you are. Oh and I have to shout out my city. The “D” DETROIT.

SA: Do you have a message to all your supporters and fans out there?

Just follow me, I am on

Twitter: @bluethechamp

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