By Sylvana Ambrosanio


"Ever since I can remember I love boxing. Boxing chose me, it's in my DNA. Boxing is my life. I don’t see myself doing anything else. I love the sport and it’s is my passion. I love every single thing about it. Boxing is part of my life and I don’t know if I would have made it this far without boxing." Luis "Orlandito" Del Valle in an exclusive one on one interview. Check out what the highly regarded prospect has to share with you.

SA: Thank you for taking the time to talk to What are you up to?

OV: I’m great, thanks for asking. Not much. Resting is almost done and I’ll be starting training and road work very soon.

SA: I know it’s been a few weeks but congratulations on your recent win over Andre Wilson.

OV: Thank you. Wilson was a tough customer, very strong and came out to win but we were prepared to break him down and we did. I kind of did as I expected, yes and no. We came out with the win as we expected but I suffered two cuts during the fight and we weren’t expecting to get those cuts. We expected to get back in the ring shortly but this is part of the game and we take it how it is.

SA: Any news on when you are going to fight next?

OV: I don’t have an exact date but I should be back sometime in July. I fight anybody as long as it makes sense and my eyes are set to capture a world title soon or later.

SA: When you are in between fights do you stay in the gym?

OV: After every fight I take a couple of weeks off then I jump back to training mode. I am a fighter all year around.

SA: Can you tell us about your amateur journey up to when you turned pro?

OV: I spent 8 years as an amateur. I had a record of 114-12 with medals at international competition, national championships in PR and USA. I turned pro in 2008 with a 3rd round knockout over Ray Rivera. I have plenty of memories but I really enjoyed all the traveling visiting different countries and cultures. Been part of the 2007 US Pan Am Games Team and been ranked #1 in the US for almost two years for me. It was my finest achievement.

SA: You were supposed to go to the Olympics but didn’t end up going. Can you tell us about it?

OV: I lost in the qualifying bout against the eventual Olympian Raynell Williams. At the time it was a disappointing moment but I got over it very fast because my real dream is to become a world champion as a pro and going to the Olympics was going to be an extra for me.

SA: What got you involved in boxing and how has boxing physically and mentally changed you over the years?

OV: My cousin Rafael Del Valle was a WBO Batamweight champion back in the 90's and my dad used to always watch his fights but ever since I can remember I love boxing. Boxing chose me, it's in my DNA. Boxing is my life. I don’t see myself doing anything else. I love the sport and it’s is my passion. I love every single thing about it but I really love and enjoy represent my people and knowing that they all in my back. It has changed me in all ways. Boxing is part of my life and I don’t know if I would have made it this far without boxing.

SA: You were a very accomplished amateur boxer, and are also now making big waves nowadays as a pro boxer. So with a record of 17-1-0, what do you feel makes you stand out from the other prospects?

OV: I left Puerto Rico and everything behind when I was 16 years old to pursue my dream and at 26 I’m still spending most of the time away from my family in order to achieve my dream and that’s not an easy task to do. You know my ambition to succeed in the sport are my family, fans, friends and the desire of going down the history of boxing and live like a champion the rest of my days after I hang them up.

SA: What made you turn pro and how did it feel when you when you stepped in the ring for the first time as a pro?

OV: I didn’t qualify for the Olympics and I wasn’t going to wait around another 4 years. Well, I was 21 yrs old with 126 amateur fights. It was just the right time. It was a great feeling and still feeling the same every time I step in. I get butterflies from time to time but I come to fight all the time so is more naturally.

SA: What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learnt so far and what do you feel you could improve on?

OV: You can’t never get comfortable because the competition is working hard as you or harder and if you get comfortable you will pay for it and I did. There's always room to improve but I’m working on my jab and defense.

SA: I’d like to ask you about the Vic Darchinyan fight – it was a very interesting fight, a prospect vs. veteran.  

OV: I wish I had the experience but I had to take that fight in order to gain it and I don’t regret a single bit. I'll will beat him in a rematch.

SA: Do you feel that having 50/50 fights is more important than protecting that “0”?

OV: I feel when you reach a certain level you must be in 50/50 fights all the time but at the same time this is a business and keeping that "0" brings more attention this days.

SA: What is your favorite Mexican/Puerto Rican boxing rivalry?

OV: Felix "Tito" Trinidad vs. Fernando Vargas is my favorite so far.

SA: So for those who have not been lucky to get to know you – why don’t you tell us about yourself and your life outside of the ring? 

OV: I am just normal person. I love been around my family as much as I can. I love Puerto Rican and Mexican food. Latin music like Salsa, Merengue and Bachata is what I listen the most. I don’t read much but any book of financial knowledge gets my attention and any movie Will Smith and Denzel Washington is in might be my favorite. I was born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and thanks for the education and discipline my parents gave me I have never been in trouble outside the ring.

SA: What about your family, how do they feel about you fighting?

OV: My family are my greatest supporters. Instead of it being me, they get all the butterflies for me.

SA: What do people not know about you?

OV: Ummm... I would say that in my first amateur fight I caught an a** whooping that would make you think I was never going to be a good boxer (laughs).. The fight is actually on youtube.

SA: What would you like to have achieved by the end of year and in the next 5 years?

OV: I would love to add two more fights and be on line to major fights coming up 2014 and most definitely financial set and already a World Champion in at least two different divisions.

SA: What kind of legacy would you like to leave in the boxing world?

OV: I haven’t thought much about that but I would love to leave a legacy like Trinidad and Gomez did but those are very big shoes to fit so I am aiming to the stars.

SA: Is there anything that you would like to add to the interview?

OV: Thank you for having me on. To all my fans, thanks for the non stop support, I'll will continue my journey to the top with each one of you in my back and if there is anyone interested in contacting me or stay in touch with me and my career @orlanditoboxing on twitter is the way.

Note: Special thoughts are going out to our dear friend Andrew Millwall who sadly passed away. This interview was very important to him, as he connected us and supported Orlandito. "He is such an intelligent, and lovely guy. He will be a world champion one day, my good friend Orlandito", stated Andrew a few weeks before his passing. Andrew, you are in our thoughts. Gone but never forgotten. RIP Andrew Millwall  -> In Memoriam