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March, 17th: SylvanaBoxing's own Dan Emicus sat down with Walter Augustus Tyler IV. -> Interview

March, 14th: Golden Boy Promotions is putting together an exciting fight card tomorrow night in Puerto Rico featuring WBA/WBC Light Welterweight world champion Danny Garcia Vs. Mauricio Herrera. Heavyweight contenders will also clash in the ring and I am in the house to cover it. SylvanaBoxing caught up with Malik Scott and got his thoughts on tomorrow huge fight vs. Deontay Wilder -> Interview

March, 14th: Golden Boy Promotions is putting together an exciting fight card tonight in Puerto Rico. Heavyweight contenders will also clash in the ring and we are in the house to cover it. SylvanaBoxing caught up with Deontay Wilder and got his thoughts on tomorrow huge fight vs. Malik Scott. -> Interview

March, 4th: SylvanaBoxing got a chance to visit former IBF lightweight champion Jimmy Paul (33-6-0) at his new gym Hands on Boxing in Detroit. In this interview, Paul, whose pro career spanned from 1980 to 1999, talks about his past and life after boxing.-> Interview

September 4th: "People should know I'm a sweetheart outside the ring, but in the ring "Oh girl". The streets inspired me. The best of me is still to come. My dear, for me each day I live in this life I'm proud of every moment because life is the best gift one could have." Sharif Bogere talks to SylvanaBoxing. -> Interview

August 22nd: “I was always a fan of the sport and I've always been a fighter so it's a perfect fit for me, plus it's a great way to expend all extra energy I seem to have. I guess boxing's my therapy. Honestly I just love fighting. I don't really care if I'm in a ring or in your kitchen, I just love the fact that you get to go in the ring and shoot it (fight)“- Shawn ‘KILLA’ Cameron who will be back in the ring at the end of September speaks to SylvanaBoxing -> Interview

August 21st: ATG Radio presents "JOE ESPOSITO BEST AROUND TYPE SH*T" 3-time world middleweight champion and German boxen superstar FELIX STURM makes his long awaited ATG debut to discuss his future showdown with new IBF middleweight champion Darren Barker and more. Upcoming light heavyweight title challenger KARO MURAT stops by to talk about his 26th of October fight with IBF light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins in Atlantic City and more. Former Mike Tyson/Larry Holmes opponent & son of legendary Joe Frazier "Marvelous" MARVIS FRAZIER stops by to talk boxing with the crew. British heavyweight superstar & world title challenger MATT SKELTON stops by to talk boxing and the current heavyweight scene with the gang. Explosive heavyweight powerhouse DAMIAN "BOLO" WILLS stops by to talk about who is next on his hit list. -> HERE

August 20th: "I like to think of myself as the Black Mickey Ward! I stood by my mothers side through drug addiction and homelessness. And hell, my mom stood by my side when I was being a trouble maker.  November 2 it's going to be Hammertime!" Amateur Boxer Kevin "HammerTime" Strothers talks to SylvanaBoxing about his amateur career, life and his plans on turning pro soon. -> Interview

August 19th: ATG RADIO presents 10-time world champion ROY JONES JR., Ring magazine and WBC world light heavyweight champion ADONIS STEVENSON, Heavyweight title challenger KEVIN KINGPIN JOHNSON, Commonwealth light heavyweight champion & former WBO cruiserweight world champion ENZO MACCARINELLI, Undefeated heavyweight prospect ALEXANDER FLORES and GERALD WASHINGTON. -> Audio Show

August 18th: Team Fury will be hosting programs EVERY saturday exclusive and ONLY on ATGRADIO on a regular basis. Tyson Fury, Peter Fury, Hugie Fury, you will have them ALL on ATG Radio. -> ATG Radio

August 14th: ATG Radio presents "HEAVYWEIGHT HAVOC". 2-time heavyweight champion & Hall of Famer "Big" George Foreman, Robert Helenius, David Rodriguez, Chris Arreola and his trainer Henry Ramirez. Listen to it -> HERE

August 5th: ATG Radio presents Kevin KingPin Johnson, Quatavious Cash, Serhei Liakhovich and the Evangelou brothers Chris and Andreas and MUCH MUCH MORE -> Audio Show

July 24th: EXCLUSIVE: Richard Towers talks about his fight against Lucas Browne (unfortunately it's off now), his life in and out of the ring up close and personal.. a side of Richard Towers that you may have not known. My goddaughter Chloe Hall one on one with the European Champion Richard Towers. Check it out -> Interview

July 7th: The "Gallery" has been updated. You can now find exclusive pictures from the Felix Sturm vs. Predrag Radosevic weighing as well as the fight, including the undercard fighters Susi Kentikian and Konni Kronrad vs. Bernard Donfack in our gallery. More exclusive pictures, and videos are coming SOON. -> Gallery

July 5th: Former middleweight champion Felix Sturm is ripped and ready to get back to his winning ways when he faces undefeated middleweight contender Predrag Radosevic on July 6 at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Both fighters came in under the 160-pound weight limit, with Sturm tipping the scales at 159.7 pounds while Radosevic weighed 157.9 pounds. -> More

July 1st: "My proudest moments come whenever I help fighters achieve their ambitions. For example, Ben Murphy was in the boxing wilderness when I signed him and I helped manoeuvre him to two British title shots. I've helped many fighters achieve their dreams over the years and I'm very proud of that." UK Boxing manager and promoter Mickey Helliet sits down with SylvanaBoxing. -> Interview

June 23rd: Renowned Boxing trainer James Ali Bashir speaks to SylvanaBoxing hours after the Banks vs. Mitchell2 fight. Check it out -> Video Interview

June 21st: Prizefighter Heavyweight Champion Michael Sprott in an exclusive interview with the one and only GERMAN BoxPodcast and talks about his career, future plans as well as David Haye, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, David Price and much much more... ENJOY! -> Video Interview

June 20th: "People think women belong in the kitchen and I’m one of those women who go to the gym then come home and whip up a four course meal at home. The disrespect I get from the promoters ignoring my talent and the meaningless checks are becoming a big problem and pushing me to my breaking point. It’s hard to watch men, with less opposition faced than myself, make more money, receive more credit, and receive more chances for stardom. Although I could do without the “star-status”, I would like to get my respect from promoters and fans of being a great women fighter." Ava Knight in an exclusive one on one interview -> Interview

June 15th: "My team has big plans for me. I will definitely be stepping up competition and perhaps will be fighting for a youth world title soon." Super Mian Hussain speaks to SylvanaBoxing's own Dan, check it out. -> Interview

June 12th: "Growing up in southwest Detroit and going to Ecorse and River Rouge schools, there was fights and riots virtually every day. The way my friends made it seem so exciting, and I wanted to be that. Especially I was picked on a lot in school. Once a Kronk fighter, always a Kronk fighter. Like I told someone before “me going to Kronk, was like a sheep being raised by wolves”. Kronk is only for the strong and I’ve been there for years." Amateur boxer Andre Murray Jr. speaks to SylvanaBoxing. -> Interview

June 9th:  "I do not, nor have I ever taken any fight just for a payday. I am a fighter and I love to fight. Even if I come into a fight on short notice, you can be for sure that I will be there to fight and leave all that I have inside of that squared circle. This is entertainment and the fans want to see a fight. They are not coming there to see someone take a knee in the first round just to collect a payday. Even if I know that I am not properly prepared for the fight, I will still fight you until the end." Jason Gavern talks to SylvanaBoxing -> Interview

June 6th: "This new journey means a lot to me.I always pray and expect a great performance. Once I’m in the ring, you all can see an exciting performance as I plan on putting on a show, and a lot of speed an ring generalship with me being first. I’ll get the victory." Amateur boxer Lavale Wilson 233-17 speaks to us two days before his pro debut this upcoming saturday. -> Interview

June 4th: "We can definitely learn things from MMA though. They package their brand in a very professional manner. You can go into any store and buy UFC DVDs and the like. I think that boxing is having a stellar year though. So far we've had some incredible fights and with Mayweather v Alvarez signed, Matthysse v Garcia and Haye v Fury looking to be made, I think boxing is in a very strong spot right now. Perhaps the rise in popularity of MMA will ensure top fights get made. That's good news for the fans."  Promoter, manager and matchmaker Matt Clark sits down with SylvanaBoxing's own Dan Emicus, check it out -> Interview

June 2nd: "It's no secret that I am not the best when it comes to gym attendance, but I am now dealing with my weight in order to get it to where I should be. Aside from that, I believe I can go all the way. I punch just as hard, if not harder than the top heavyweights in the world and I am a thinking fighter. In the ring, I don't just throw, I setup attacks and there's a difference. I believe 2013 going into 2014 will be my time." Ian Lewison in an exclusive interview -> Interview

May 31st: Kevin Johnson vs. Martin Rogan a possibility? “It will be quick. The Rogan fight is going to be like a taxi ride for $2,50 because he is the driver and I’m the passenger. He will do exactly what I say. It will be quick. Go, slow down, stop and now lay down! He is the cab driver and getting an ass whooping!”, stated Kevin Johnson, who is currently in training camp.  Read MORE -> HERE

May 31st "June 7th Rumble time Promotions Presents “Pick your poison”, I will be fighting a guy named Jeff Combs and I can't wait. The main thing I know about him is he can’t beat me. Come June 7th he will see a fight when I get in the ring. You do not want to miss this one!" Check out what rising star Troy White would like to share with you a week before his fight. -> Interview

May 30th: "I think I'm pretty close to where I should be at this stage. I've got a great team and fan base behind me both in Australia and Ireland and I'm still undefeated. The full time training has given me the opportunity to perfect my boxing skills and get into the best possible shape. I know that there are big things to come before 2013 is out." Check out what Paddy Murphy has to say -> Interview

May 26th: "Over the recent months we have seen several controversial decisions coming from the judge's scorecards. Is enough done to make boxing a fair sport, and what else could be done to improve it? After all these controversies, does the 10 point must scoring system actually work?" has asked Boxers, Trainers, Referees, Promoters and fans on their view of this Hot Topic question. Find the answers here -> Article

May 21th: "My goals by the end of the year would to move onto another title, such as the Southern Area title, possibly even the English title" Lee Markham speaks to SylvanaBoxing's own Dan Emicus and discuss his career, future, and much much more. -> Interview

May 16th: "I want to thank everyone out there for their loyal support, and I'll make sure you have something exciting to look for when I fight! My next fight is this saturday, May 18th in Zitacuaro Michoacan, Mexico. I will be fighting Edgar Sosa." SylvanaBoxing spoke to Giovani Segura a few days before his fight, check it out. -> Interview

May 16th: "The story began when I got in a street fight at a neighborhood park and that’s how the story began. Floyd Mayweather inspired me. I saw how great hard work brings to the sport of boxing." Amateur boxer Jermaine Moore sits down and talks to SylvanaBoxing about turning pro and his future plans. -> Interview

May 15th: "I got under the old guys: Frank Shirley, Bennie Williams, Lee Black, Carmine Graziano, Lee Black, Tommy Parks, Eddie Aliano, Percy Richardson, Walter Smith, Bill Miller, Luther Burgess, Slim Jim Robinson, Jimmy Glenn, Floyd Logan, and I also held court up close and personal with the man whom many perceive to be one of, if not the very best trainer ever, Emanuel Steward! I took something from each and every one of these men and it has helped me tremendously in my life as a teacher and trainer!" Check out what SylvanaBoxing's own legendary trainer James Ali Bashir would like to share with you, and teach you about BOXING. Dan went one on one with James and looked at the terminology and rules used withing the sport, and explain what they really mean. A really deep insight that you will not want to miss! -> Interview

May 15th:  "I need to focus, train like the elite and make sure I am prepared for that moment when I am in the trenches. That's when all of my heart, desire and ability will be put to the test, and that moment will be the difference between obscurity and world title fights." Mark de Mori sat down with SylvanaBoxing a few days before his fight. Check it out -> Interview

May 14th: "Ever since I can remember I love boxing. Boxing chose me, it's in my DNA. Boxing is my life. I don’t see myself doing anything else. I love the sport and it’s is my passion. I love every single thing about it. Boxing is part of my life and I don’t know if I would have made it this far without boxing." Luis "Orlandito" Del Valle in an exclusive one on one interview. Check out what the highly regarded prospect has to share with you. -> Interview

May 12th: "It’s going to be a hot year for my team and I. June 8th, I will be making another big statement win with Hitz Boxing. Boxing, for me it’s the one place anyone can go, and you’re not judged on about everything else in your life that’s gone on. When I get in the ring I know all eyes are on me, nothing else matters except what happens in that ring." Check out what  Mike Jimenez Chicago's prospect has to say in an exclusive one on one interview -> Interview

May 9th: "As an amateur I fought in over 200 bouts with a record of 221 wins and 17 loses.  Look out for Derrick ‘Whoop Dat Ass’ Murray cause I’m up and coming and when I come it’s gonna be known! (laughs)  Follow me on Facebook at Soja Murray and follow my career so I can show you boxing is still alive!" Check out what Derrick Murray had to share -> Interview

May 8th: "Power, speed, elusiveness, my timing is going to be nasty! I’m bout to flat out hurt whoever gets in that ring with me. What makes me special? Is because I’m ME! I’m not going to go out there and try to fight like no other fighter. You’ll be able to find that out come May 11," stated Lance Williams in an exclusive one on one interview a few days before his fight May 11th. -> Interview

May 6th: The "Gallery" has been updated. Pictures from the Wladimir Klitschko vs. Francesco Pianeta weighing as well as fight has been added to the gallery -> Gallery

May 2nd: "My fight plan is to throw punches as soon as the bell rings, and then we will see what he brings to the table. The fans can expect a very good and exciting fight." stated Daniel Ponce De Leon who took the time to talk to SylvanaBoxing a few days before his fight against Abner Mares this up coming saturday may 4th. -> Interview

May 1st: "Hollywood Mike is different, because I can entertain, inside and outside of the ring. I AM going to leave my legacy, A solid legacy. Where they can say that I'm an elite fighter, that loves his fans, is down to earth, and has never ducked anyone," stated Michael Lockhart -> Interview

April 25th: Boxing trainer Marcellus Mitchell speaks to SylvanaBoxing about his training techniques, his relationship to Kronk Gym, his fighters, up and coming boxers you should keep an eye on and much much more -> Interview

April 24th: "One of my proudest achievements so far is just being noticed by the greats like the late Emanuel Steward, Tommy Hearns, Milton McCory, Jimmy Paul and other boxing legends. I know it’s my time to turn pro now. I'm mentally ready" stated Dorell Vanhorn Jr. -> Interview

April 22th: "As much as I am naturally a respectful person in and out of the ring. My ambition and goals will always remain the same for the simple fact is my family are at home waiting to eat, so if any of my potential opponents/friends/associates are reading this you should know business is what we are doing so if you’re in my way, 'My babies gotta eat!' put it that way. (laughs)" stated Richard Towers, EU/EBU Champion, sits down with SylvanaBoxing for an exclusive interview. Check it out -> Interview

April 20th: Octavio Lara, who was one of the most promising kids fighting out of the legendary Kronk Gym, sat down with SylvanaBoxing for an exclusive one on one interview. Octavio lied about his age to get started in the Kronk and at a tender age he started attending training camps with then undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. He talks about his boxing career, relationship with Emanuel Steward, experiences with various world champions, life and much much more. A really deep insight that you will not want to miss! -> Interview

April 18th: Ricky Pow sat down with SylvanaBoxing a few days after his victory in spain to talk about his boxing career and personal life, don't miss it! -> Interview

April 17th: With Tyson Fury’s American debut against Steve Cunningham only a matter of days away, wanted to catch up with his uncle and trainer Peter Fury to find out how preparations are going. -> Interview

April 15th: Former WBC world champion Alejandro "Cobrita" Gonzales talks to me and shares his story. Have you ever wondered what a world class fighter thinks, or feels? You now get the chance to find out, in this exclusive one on one piece. -> Cobrita's story

April 12th: "Your life is nothing but a story book, who's your author?" -DonYil Livingston- "I've been blessed with a lot of success in the amateurs winning several tournaments. I'm currently a professional waiting for my opportunity to continue my success into the professional ranks," stated Livingston in an exclusive interview. -> Interview

April 11h: Terri Moss will open her own gym, don't miss the grand opening of BUCKHEAD FIGHT CLUB! Read MORE

April 10th: Heavyweight Clarence Tillman who will be fighting April 28th, May 19th and June 16th sat down with "To me old school is having balls and fighting the best available - no ducking or pulling out," stated Tillman. -> Interview

April 9th: Rising star Light Middleweight Prichard Colón 2-0 talks to about his amateur career, his start in the pro's, his childhood and much much more -> Interview

April 7th: “Do Boxers gain enough respect for the job and the entertainment that they provide for us? Do the benefits, that social networking brings to the boxers, by providing close contact with fans, outweigh the higher chance of being easily harassed and abused by a small minority?” has asked Boxers, Trainers, Referees, Promoters and fans on their view of this Hot Topic question. Find the answers here -> Hot Topic

April 5th: After speaking to Tony Rivera a few weeks ago about the situation with 50Cent, we received plenty of responses. We asked Tony what YOU wanted to know. -> Interview

April 3rd:  “You simply can’t teach heart. No way.” stated close friend of Coach Ronald Harris who chats about all kind of things boxing. Get to know St.Louis own boxing trainer Ronald Harris -> Interview

April 2nd: We are excited to be able to bring you the news that Light Middleweight boxer Leandre White has teamed up with the legendary figure within the sport that is Jackie Kallen. Jackie has been in the business of boxing for many years now and has more than enough experience to lead "Blue" to the top of the game. -> Article

April 1st: If you haven't seen me fight yet, you will love me afterwards. I think I have more heart than most fighters. I grew up tough so my grit gives me an extra edge." stated Quatavious Cash -> Interview

March 31st: Amateur boxer Mike Marshall sits down to talk with about his amateur career so far, his plans for the future and his life outside the ring! "I'm not like other fighters, but I have no problem fighting with you if I need to. My will is so strong that I will take your will to fight from you. -> Interview

March 29th: Lightweight prospect Billy Morgan sits down to talk to and gives an in-depth view about his career so far. "At the moment, I’m young, still learning, still growing and still a prospect in boxing” -> Interview

March 28th: Joe Calzaghe looks forward to returning to Scotland and seeing old foe Roy Jones Jnr -> Press Release

March 28th:  Lavale Wilson, a Super Featherweight amateur champion talks to about his amateur and professional boxing career, his life, future, and all kinda things boxing. -> Interview

March 27th:  "Tell them you heard it from me, I haven't signed a thing" Tony Thompson tells that as far as he is aware, no rematch with recent opponent David Price is, or will be, on the table at the minute. "Don't believe the Hype" so Thompson -> Article

March 26th: Don George talks about his fight on friday and explain how three judge's controversial decisions can so badly damage a boxers profile. "After the fight on friday they went home and their lives were the same. My life was hurt", stated DaBomb.. -> Interview

March 26th: Czech boxing champion Lukáš Konečný sat down with 72hrs after his victory over Karim Achour in Germany at the Abraham v. Stieglitz undercard -> Interview

March 25th: caught up with 20year old rising star Tony "the snake" Pace to find out what makes him tick and what he believes he can achieve in the big world of professional boxing -> Interview

March 23rd: Khan vs. Diaz live & exclusive on boxnation -> article

March 21st: Emanuel Steward's nephew Javan "Sugar" Hill is one on one with - "I train them, which alone makes them special! I teach my fighters all they need to know. I continue to pass on what Emanuel has taught me" Don't miss the exclusive interview -> Here

March 21st: Global Boxing fighter Patryk Szymanksi speaks to SylvanaBoxing after his fight about his ring experience with about 200 amateur bouts, his new trainer James Ali Bashir and his up-coming fight. -> Interview

March 20th: Vernon Forrest's nephew Alphonso Forrest is looking to start his career as a professional boxer, and talks to SylvanaBoxing about his relationship to Vernon Forrest, his personal life, his future and much much more. -> Interview

March 20th: Cornelius 'K9' Bundrage talks to and explains what he plans for the future. "I will be back in the ring no later than June. My loss is actually a win, because these chumps won't be scared to fight now. I can't wait to hear the bell ring, ding, ding. The dog is coming." don't miss what K9 has to share with you! -> Interview

March 19th: Yes, we are in talks, but that's all they are... talks!
Tony Rivera says that all is not quite as certain that has been made out and talks to us about 5o Cents offer, plans for the future and why boxing has the internet to blame! Read more in our “HOT OFF THE PRESS” article -> here

March, 19th:  Light Middleweight prospect Zach Cooper speaks to a few days before his fight this up-coming saturday about what he is up to, and how he is feeling. Check it out as he talks about his training, his thoughts and much much more. -> Interview

March, 18th: SylvanaBoxing sat down with rising star Kronk's own Leandre White for an upclose and personal interview. Keep an eye on the Kronk fighters who will all have regular features and updates exclusive at -> Interview

March, 18th: A new section has been added to "Boxing Talk". Kronk will be exclusive featured on Get to know the boxers, trainers, just everything about the legendary Kronk Gym. -> Kronk

March, 17th: "Hot Topics" has been added to the Boxing Talk section where we will monthly discuss and look at issues and topics prevailing at the time or in general! This is your chance to get your opinion seen and discuss it with the champions.

March, 17th: Michael Sprott speaks to a week before his fight against Robert Helenius, don't miss what he has to share with you -> Michael Sprott

March, 17th: Corey 'T-REX' Sanders has left an exclusive message for all visitors. Check it out -> Video

March, 16th: will be closely following the lead up to Amir Khan's “homecoming” fight as well as talking to Julio Diaz to find out his views on Khan, the task in hand and all things boxing. We will also be taking a look at and talking to Nate Campbell who is fighting on the Sheffield undercard! Come back for more shortly until then check the article out -> Khan vs. Diaz

March, 15th: Up and coming boxer Anthony Barnes fighting out of Kronk Gym sat down with for an one on one interview. Check it out, and get early involved with the Future Of Boxing -> Interview

March, 14th: Just in case you have missed Nate Campbell's comment on the site: "All you boxing Fans get on board and ride this train. There will be a lot of great fighters here for all to meet!".

Al Cole: "This way fans can meet with the champs"

You heard it from the champs... make sure to join us at Sylvana Boxing. See ya!

March, 14th: Michał Chudecki sits down with and talks about his up coming fight tomorrow friday, march 15th in Memphis, Tennessee. Check it out -> Interview

March, 12th: An alle DEUTSCH sprechende Besucher. Tommy Bird, enger Vertrauter von unterstützt ebenfalls. Schaut es euch hier an -> Supporters

 March, 11th: Up close and personal interview with Jake Henderson. "I was bullied physically and mentally. Because of this, I had enough and wanted to be able to handle myself in any situation that confronted me. This was the first reason why I took too boxing." to read the whole interview click here -> Interview


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