By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Michał "TNT" Chudecki will be fighting Carlos Johnson in a 6 round bout tomorrow friday, march 15th in Memphis, Tennessee. Michał who is now been trained by James Ali Bashir speaks to a day before his fight.

SA: Michal, thank you for talking to me today. What are you up to these days?

MC: Hi, no problem. I’m always at your disposal and I feel great, can’t wait to have a next fight.

SA: You are scheduled to fight tomorrow. What do you know about your fight?

MC: Yes, my promoter planned two fights in the near future. I’m gonna fight tomorrow, Friday, 15th of March in Memphis against a Filipino and next fight I will have on 13th of April in Shuetzen Park, North Bergen NJ - “Fight Night at the Park”, for the time being I don’t know the opponent.

SA: You have had a highly decorated amateur career, have you had to change your style or training to better suit the pro game?

MC: Thank you. Concerning changes, in fact I had to change a little bit because amateur and pro boxing is different.

SA: You were a big hope for a gold medal last year in the London 2012 Olympics, how much of a disappointment for you was it to pick up a hand injury during the qualifying stages ruling you out of the games?

MC: It was a great disappointment for me, I thought I will take a part in Olympic Games, in London 2012 and my intention was to perform there and next turn pro. When I picked up the injury I’d already known I want to finish my amateur career and be a pro. I also knew that I want to be in Global Boxing. Reasoning was I want to achieve something great in boxing and I know that I can do this with my promoter.

SA: You have been in the ring since you were 12, who and what were your main inspirations as you grew up and why?

MC: My elder brother was my inspiration, he started with boxing and as all younger brother I wanted to do the same what he does. I had a lot of energy and I found out boxing is the best way to use up my power.

SA: You train with James Ali Bashir. How important to you is it to be able to work with such a legendary trainer as James?

MC: I love my trainer. He’s a great man and to work with him is a pleasure. I got a lot of new tactics. My best quality is my technique and it helps me to expect the movements of my opponent.

SA: You are relatively new to the professional side of boxing, have you had to alter much from your experiences from the amateur game?

MC: I had to change some things but nothing special. Years spent in amateur boxing helps me a lot and it’s easier to be a pro.

SA: Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the ring, do you have any other interests outside of boxing?

MC: Outside of the ring I’m a loving father and husband. I love to spend time with my family. Apart from boxing I like doing other kind of sports.

SA: what do you hope to have achieved by the end of the year?

MC: In this year I’ll have few fights and hope I will get an International Title. In the near future I want to be a World Champion.

SA: Do you have a message to all your supporters out there?

MC: I would like to thank all my fans for being with me and watching my career. Hope to see you at my next fight.