I caught up with middleweight prospect Brandon 'flawless' Gonzales in May 2010. Check out what the rising prospect had to say in this exclusive interview.

SA: Tell me a little bit about yourself and what got you involved in boxing?

BG: My name is Brandon Gonzales 11-0 as a professional in the middleweight division 9 of the 11 bouts were by stoppage.  As an amateur and was ranked #1 in the country by USA boxing and traveled with the International team.  I  turned Pro in 2007 and I've been moving along ever since. It was always something that I wanted to do but as I was growing up and we were moving around a lot  I was not able to get into a gym.  About 6 years ago when I came into Sacramento I got into a boxing gym and started training.

SA: Who was your inspiration in boxing?

BG: As an amateur I looked up to Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. I tried to emulate the things they did as an amateur and molded my own style from the old school fighters Marvin Hagler and a lot of the guys from the 80’s and some of the recent fighters like Floyd Mayweather.  Boxing is an art and I have a lot of respect for the art so I want to be the best at my craft.

SA: Do you see yourself in one of these boxers?

BG: I don't know so much personality wise it's more of a style of fighting that I  look toward.  I admire Muhammad Ali for the things he did outside of the ring and how much of an impact he had on a global scale. So maybe a lot of inspiration comes from him. Some of the things he stood for more so toward him than anyone else. 

SA: What is your goal in boxing?

BG: The cliche is everyone wants to be World Champion but of course that, but at some time you want to be successful you want to use the sport to set up things for your family to have a future to look forward to.

SA: So how did you get involved with legendary boxing trainer Ray Woods?

BG: Ray Wood has always been in my corner as a professional, ever since I turned pro and about the 2nd or 3rd fight is when we made the transition to move Ray to my head trainer.

SA: What is the difference between your old trainer and Ray?

BG: Amateur training it was amateur style. When I came over with Ray he thought me to conduct myself as a professional inside the ring, controlling the pace be ready to go long periods of time 10-12 rounds, sitting down on your shots focusing more on placing them with power, efficiency of the punches versus the Amateur training which is more about output.   So it is more to being a professional inside the ring and this was the main reason why I turned Ray because I knew he had already been there training his son to a world title and was established as a world class trainer so that was my main reason for training with Ray, so I decided to go with him as a professional.

SA: Do you have a fight coming up and who will be your opponent?

BG: May 22nd we will be fighting at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV.  It is part of the their extreme fights installment. It will be the 4th one I've been a part of and am looking forward to a great show. So far they had a few guys lined up but as of right now they don't have an opponent but I'm confident they will get somebody. So we are just doing our job on the end.

SA: What do you have planned for your next fight?

BG: You never go in looking for a knock out.  Beause that's not the show you want to deliver to the fans.  You just want to go in and see progression regardless you want to see yourself become more of a professional each time and every time out and increase and  get better in the areas as far as becoming a World Champion.

SA: How's training coming along?

BG: Training is going excellent. It is intense, a kill or be killed environment it is tough, strenuous and not for the weak hearted. It is a phase so right now so that means a lot of sparring. I look forward to coming in working with the guys that we have. We got excellent guys that really bring it in the gym. so right now it is definitely the sparring and next week I am going to say mitt work because it is the phase in training.

SA: You had the opportunity to go to Germany to train, tell me about it.

BG: Yes I was in Germany for a month I got the opportunity to work with Danilo Haussler when he fought Mikkel Kessler and I was with him for about  2 weeks.  From there I went to work with Arthur Abraham when he was getting ready for Raul Marquez. It was a great experience a lot of different cities and I saw alot of different things it opened my eyes to a whole new culture and food.  It was an excellent opportunity.

SA: What is the difference between Europeans and American training?

BG: I didn't get to see too much of the training, I did not work with any trainers out there but I saw a lot of the fighters.  It is definitely different. The style of fighting is different working with europeans fighters and american fighters you see that in the amateurs international  competition.  The styles are the biggest things that are different.  I've also worked with Mikkel Kessler when he came out here to fight Andre Ward and the style is different as night and day.

SA: You have sparred a lot of champions do you see yourself fighting against any of them?

BG: That's the goal not necessarily these individuals but that class or level of opposition that's what  we are headed to and how we conduct ourselves with that type of opposition now gives you great confidence moving forward to when you do get to that level your well prepared. Nobody in particular it is just the promoter lines them up and we knock them down. Whoever is in our way to get where we need to  go. We are ready for whatever or whenever.

SA: How would you describe your stlye?

BG: Everything is set up off my jab but the thing I take pride in is just showing world class boxing skills. Being exciting but at the same time showing a skill level that's not everyones show. That's what I take pride in showing a lot of skill in what we do and work on in here. I practice day in day out dedicating to my craft.

SA: Are you an aggressive fighter?

BG: I try to be as efficient as possible. You want to make everything count everything you do has to have some meaning in the ring as you more along more and more you get better at conserving yourself and every shot counts.

SA: What can the boxing fans expect from you in the future?

BG: To stay as busy as possible right now. We are with "Let's Get It On Promotions." Terry and Tommy Lane out of Reno. They got us on a good pace right now moving every 6 weeks and hopefully we will be competing for a Regional title toward the end of the year. Hopefully real soon we will do a big show back here in Sacramento.

SA: What is the toughest fight so far?

BG: I think the last fight was the most experience opponent that we have seen thus far. Darnell Boone who had 30+ fights he has been around his been all the top prospects and that was the first time going 8 rounds, so I learned a lot in that fight and learned alot about myself in that fight that we were able to go the rounds strong. It was a great learning experience. We almost got to stoppage early but he is a crafty veteran, survived and we went the distance and I felt we had a good performance.

SA: What was the easiest fight?

BG: You always got those ones in your career that you KO early so the first 9 knock outs 4 or 5 of them are within 2 or 3 rounds. The hard works in the gym and the fights are supposed to be easy so we put the work in the gym and you see the results in the fights.

SA: Anything you would like to tell your fans?

BG: Just would like to thank everyone. Come out and keep supporting. We have a tremendous crowd coming out from the Bay Area, Sacramento - when we fight in Reno where we establish ourselves.  This year 2010 is definitely going to be a our year.  I am on Facebook and have a fan page on there and world like everybody to check it out (Brandon “Flawless” Gonzales).  They can see photos and videos from my precious fights. Just stay tuned!