By Sylvana Ambrosanio

Aaron Lee Williams also known as 'AWESOME' is a 26 year old Cruiserweight, born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada who is looking forward to his return back to the ring.

SA: You have been out of the ring for two years, what have you been up to in that time?

AW: I've been resting my body, I feel really good, stronger physically and mentally. Some fighters don’t understand taking a break from boxing is good. Less wear and tear on your body.  

SA: It’s good to see you'll be back in action SOON.

AW: Yes if feels great I can't wait, it has been a long time coming. 

SA:  When do you plan on being back in the ring? 

AW: I am hoping for the beginning April. I would like a good warm up fight and then I will fight anybody in the top ten I would even fight at heavyweight if the right fight comes. 

SA:  What made you decide to actually get back in the ring?

AW:  I love boxing plus, I was fed up at having yet another fight cancelled, and thought it's a good time to take a break. 

SA: So you are back training now? 

AW: Yes I have been training and I'm feeling great. I workout at Mayweather’s boxing gym and American dream boxing gym in Las Vegas. 

SA: Let’s talk a little bit about your background. 

AW: I am from  Cleveland Ohio. I have been living in Las Vegas for 9 years. I was introduced to Islam when I was 15 year old. I have a hundred amateur fights, won 9 US nationals. I was a member of the Famous Kronk boxing team. Most of my boxing friends say I fight like Muhammad Ali. 

SA: What got you into boxing? 

AW:  I was always a tough young kid growing up, fighting on the street. I met a guy that I'm good friends with now, with show boxing gloves on at Fairfax recreation center in Cleveland Ohio. I followed him right into the boxing room and never left, I came back there every day.

SA: Who is Aaron “AWESOME” Williams without having the gloves on? 

AW: I'm a laid back kind of guy that doesn't really do much away from boxing, I really keep to myself nowadays. But I do like to play and watch a lot of basketball for relaxation.

SA: What can you tell us about your amateur career?

AW: I boxed for the Fairfax boxing club, a team with nothing but champions. We didn't have anything. No ring, no speed bag, none of the flashy equipment that's available in gyms today. Emanuel Steward then took a liking to one my teammates and liked the whole team so that was when we all became Kronk fighters.

SA: What made you turn pro? 

AW: I turned pro because I want to do what all the great fighters and eventually become a world champion and become one of best fighters in my era. 

SA: With a record of 21 (KO 14)-3–1. How would you describe your boxing style? 

AW: I would describe myself as a normal boxer - puncher/counter puncher

SA: Are you an aggressive fighter?

AW: I tend to get a lot more aggressive once I know my opponent is hurt.

SA: If you could match up your own dream fight, who would it be and why?

AW: Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs. Sugar Ray Leonard, I think the biggest fight in boxing history. Both fighters were complete boxers.                            

As for me, I would love to fight Evander Holyfield. It would be a good one at cruiserweight.

SA: You fought IBF World Champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez in 2009?

AW: Yes and I'd love a rematch, I thought I outboxed him and won the fight, but these things happen.

SA: What is your first boxing memory? 

AW: My first day in the boxing gym when I boxed my friend Ronald Johnson fresh off the street. We were going blow for blow, I didn't even know to box.

SA: When you look back what would you say has been your toughest fight? 

AW: I got to say it was the three hard fights I had with Matt Godfrey in the amateurs.

SA: Your best performance?

AW:  My best performance was when I knocked out Andre Purlette in the second round.

SA: What will the next 5 years of your life look like?

AW: I see myself winning the cruiserweight Championship and then maybe moving up to heavyweight to challenge for a title. 

SA: What can the boxing world expect from you in the future?

AW: The boxing world can expect me to give the best possible in all of my I am looking forwards to winning some Championship belts.

SA: Do you have a message to all your supporters?

AW: I want everybody to follow and watch me as I attempt to win World titles, at both Cruiserweight and then in the Heavyweight division. Thanks for all the support and the interview.